What About That Liberal Bias? CDC Staffers Make Over 8000 Donations to Democrats, Only 5 to GOP


    The “Obama has ruined everything” crowd is getting all of the ammunition that they need with this most recent story. He managed to politicize every organization in the country and we are dealing with the aftermath of those decisions on an everyday basis. Even the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention has become a leftist stronghold.

    According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, employees for the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention have donated to political causes at least 8,000 times. Out of those 8,000 donations, take a wild guess as to how many of them went to Republican causes. The number is going to surprise you, no matter how low your initial guess was.

    As it turns out, the number of Republican donations that were provided by CDC employees could be counted on one hand. You’ll need all of the fingers, though. Five policy donations were given to Democrats. Apparently, the organization was only willing to hire Democrats to assist them with these important endeavors.

    SHOCKING: CDC employees made more than 8,000 federal contributions to PACs and politicians since 2015. Only 5 went to Republican causes.

    99.9% of employee donations went to ActBlue and other left-wing organizations, indicating the CDC is entirely staffed by Democrats. pic.twitter.com/cUV0p5sd1d

    — Mike Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) July 18, 2020

    This goes a long way towards explaining the policies that they have enacted since COVID-19 began to ravage the nation. It feels like they are always backpedaling and playing defense. Solid points have been made by various observers. For starters, it is clear as day to see that the the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention was looking into the political background of anyone that they hired.

    It’s almost impossible to come to any other sort of conclusion if you have been paying any attention to what is taking place in this country. Being a Republican is no longer acceptable and now, those who are in search of employment may need to start making new considerations. Anyone who is conservative is not going to be welcomed by the CDC.

    Imagine if any organization of this magnitude was found to be hiring conservatives only. The outrage would be immeasurable. The mainstream media would spend months talking about. When it happens in reverse, no one seems to care one way or the other. It’s swept under the rug and they hope that everyone is going to forget about it.

    Is the CDC going to be able to get away with this one? We are unsure but we would not be surprised if an audit was done. Organizations cannot be vetting employees for their politics like this. It would be one thing if we were talking about people with beliefs that are legitimately harmful to the rest of the country but we are talking about one of the two major political parties.

    If no one would be happy about this if it were happening in reverse, we should agree that this is wrong. Stories like this one bring President Trump’s recent decision making into much clearer focus. He decided to strip the organization of their coronavirus reporting responsibilities and this decision is looking more and more prescient as time goes on.

    These mentalities are becoming more and more pervasive. The right wing of the United States is being discriminated against on a regular basis. The attacks that are taking place would never be allowed if leftists were the target. The media would spring into protection mode and the nation would be willing to point the finger in the right direction.

    One thing is clear. It is essentially impossible for the current president to dig out from under the damages that were done while the Democrats were in office. They have destroyed any semblance of democracy that we once had. Even the CDC is not safe from all of their pandering. If you’re a leftist, you are treated with kid gloves.

    If not? All bets are off. A well known organization has openly flouted the rules of hiring that most of us have accepted as ironclad. Is this the nation that we want to live in? Definitely not. Don’t tell that to the liberals, though. They are perfectly fine with stomping on civil liberties when it suits them.


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