Rioters Put out the Trojan Horse and Mayor Durkan Dragged it into Her City


    Seattle is still the perfect picture of violence and anarchy. Other cities such as Portland and New York are seeing their rioters copy the actions of those fighting in Seattle. The actions of the Seattle rioters are nothing short of an Invasion. They lost the CHOP zone, so they mounted an offensive and attacked again with the hopes of regaining lost territory.

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is blind to what is happening to her city. She is under attack and lacks the knowledge and military experience to deal with the invading forces. She needs to reach out for help from President Trump before she loses more than the city to the enemy.

    After the CHOP zone was dismantled all protests should have been denied in light of what took place. But Jenny Durkan thought that it would be fine to let the rioters back in knowing that they were going to attack again. And that is exactly what they did. The rioters had no intention of being peaceful.

    They put out the Trojan horse and Durkan dragged it into her city. This time as they invaded a dozen police officers were injured and one was hurt so bad they were sent to the hospital. In the wake of the invasion, businesses suffered massive damage and looting was the signature stamp of the rioters once again. For some reason, only two people were arrested.

    Democrats have no backbone. It is time to send a stronger signal to anyone that wants to risk death and riot. These actions would never have been tolerated in a century ago. They would have been hunted down and treated as an invading enemy of the country. Wyatt Earp needs to come and track down those “Cowboys” that were responsible for the murder spree of his family.

    After he was done with them there was no more threat to the security of the country. But Democrats do not want to use strong force to stop violence in their area of the country. They believe that they can talk their way out of things. But dealing with rioters is like trying to talk to a toddler in a candy store and explain why the child cannot have the sucker that they just licked.

    The rioters targeted the East Precinct. They used a device to start a fire with the hopes of burning down the building. They threw a bomb into the building. And not one Democrat seems to care that they are under attack. Durkan says she no longer supports the rioters and stands with the people of Seattle, but her actions tell another story. She secretly supports what these people are doing to the city. Her hopes of being with Biden soon are going up in smoke with each device thrown at the police.

    The crowd in question decided it would be best to block an intersection to start with. They also attacked the Amazon Go building and did extensive damage to it. Katie Davidcourt who is a Seattle journalist stated that “Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter rioters are breaking into Amazon Go Downtown Seattle. This protest has turned into a riot.” Yet no one cares about it happening. The Democrats are silent about what is happening.

    Antifa and their murderous beasts threw rocks and bottles at authority. They despise law and order. Their methods of attacks are those of people that hate America. They would love to see the nation fall rather than work to protect the freedoms that they are taking for granted. The rioters tried to gain access to the freeway system but were denied access as the police kept them from moving in.

    The police rightly reported that “These are criminal acts, not peaceful protests.” What started as a protest of the death of one-man thousands of miles away, has turned into a crime scene of its own all across the country. This is no longer about George Floyd or how people are treated. It is an invasion of epic proportions to destroy America and everything that makes America great.


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