VIDEO: Dig a Deeper Hole: Chicago is Going to Need It with Mounting Death Count


    Here’s how the Chicago headlines read: murder. Next day? Murder. It doesn’t seem to change. The bodies are starting to pile up and, still, the mayor does nothing.

    Chicago is going to need a bigger hole if they’re going to continue to allow murders to happen on a daily basis.

    Even something as mournful as a funeral won’t stop the murders from happening. Typically, a funeral makes people want to celebrate life. They’re too busy mourning the loss of life to add to the body count. Not in Chicago, though. Apparently, they were hoping for a 15-for-1 deal at the funeral home.

    There was a shoot out on the South Side of Chicago on Tuesday, just outside of a funeral home. 14 were wounded. One witness says that “all we saw was just bodies laying everywhere.”

    This is starting to become a daily occurrence in Chicago. Dozens are being shot at. Lives are being lost. And the mayor? Well, he’s a Democrat, so he’s not focused on taking action.

    During the news briefing, Eric Carter, the First Deputy Superintendent with the Chicago Police Department said that a vehicle opened fire on those attending the funeral. Attendees, not wanting to be outdone, returned fire with the vehicle traveling down 79th Street.

    Let’s take a look at one of the problems: guns. Not just that people are in possession of guns but that everyone has them and is ready to use them. Most legal and responsible gun owners aren’t keeping them on their person – especially not at a funeral. However, this is what Chicago has become. Everyone owns a gun (or three or five) whether they are legal gun owners or not. Plus, everyone’s ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

    The mayor knows this. The mayor knows that there is a major gun problem. What’s being done? Well, nothing.

    All of the victims of the shootings were adults. Many are in serious condition. As for any other information about them, nothing has been released yet.

    It’s not clear yet if the two groups knew each other. It could be gang-related but there hasn’t been a full investigation conducted yet. However, officers did find 60 shell casings at the scene. So, it was quite the shootout – and the city should be “lucky” that only 14 were injured.

    Due to the size of the funeral, a police vehicle was assigned to the funeral. It was one of the reasons why cops were able to be on the scene as quickly as possible. Yet, even seeing a police vehicle didn’t hinder a shooting from happening.

    Clearly, the people of Chicago are immune. They’re immune to seeing police cars and thinking that it should be a deterrent. They’re immune to believing that funerals should be a time of peace. They’re immune to the gun culture that has swallowed the city whole.

    If only this shooting was something new in Chicago. It came a day after 20 people were shot on Monday and a weekend where there were 63 people shot.

    The violence is getting out of control. The cops have asked for Trump’s help since the city leaders are doing nothing.

    Now, city leaders are pushing back since Trump has vowed to send federal forces. They don’t want Trump’s help, saying that it exceeds the authority of the federal government.

    Chicago leaders don’t have a choice in the matter at this point. They had their chance to get things taken care of. They chose to sit back and read what was happening in the papers. When the police and the people of Chicago are asking for help, Trump has no choice but to send in the Department of Homeland Security.

    Sorry, Chicago. If you’re not going to accept the help of the DHS and the Trump administration, start digging a bigger hole. You’re not capable of ridding the city of violence so troops will be deployed to do your job for you.


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