Watch: NJ’s Governor Deploys SWAT and K9 Units to Arrest Gym Owner, Does Nothing to Stop Murder and Mayhem in His State


    In Bellmawr, New Jersey, the owners of Atilis Gym were arrested for their refusal to comply with shutdown orders that have recently been issued. They were not given the news in a quiet or respectful manner, either. Instead, the New Jersey governor decided that it was time to deploy numerous police units to head to the gym and let the owner know what was what.

    The gym has been open since May and yes, Governor Phil Murphy has had a coronavirus lockdown order implemented since then. Ever since the order was made, the owners of this gym have been engaged in a never ending battle with the governor. The judges in this state have also stood in solidarity with Governor Murphy.

    The authorities finally moved in on the gym on Monday. These owners are not actually guilty of a crime. They were merely trying to feed their families. Thanks to the actions of the New Jersey governor and his cronies, people who are doing their best to keep their heads above water during these trying times are now being treated like they are common criminals. Well done!

    “Well, this was a first. I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m gathering my computer & notebooks, just waiting for the guys to come out for a few final questions, and then a SWARM of Camden County Sheriffs & local Bellmawr police (with K-9 units waiting in a vehicle) come bursting thru the door….to me, sitting there, writing, by myself. First & foremost, the law enforcement officers were polite & respectful. Look for my video footage on national channels. And tonight/this morning, I am writing this new book chapter right now!!!,” said one of the owners of the gym on Facebook.

    Welcome to America 2020, where feeding your family and standing up for your Constitutional rights is illegal. @govmurphy flexing his little tyrant muscles finally – only took him 70 days. Officers from the county sheriffs entered the premises without a warrant or adhering to the signage posted on the door requesting they call first. They took Frank and I away and boarded up our private place of business. This is gonna be fun in court. If this doesn’t alarm you, you’re part of the problem. Please share and repost, let’s make these idiots answer for their power trip.

    Posted by Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, NJ on Monday, July 27, 2020



    Videos have already begun to circulate of the arrest. From the looks of it, the officers were behaving in a very respectful manner and we will agree with the gym owner on that point. Those who are looking to offer their support to the gym (and owners Frank and Ian) can head to their GoFundMe page. We do have some good news to offer on that front.

    The owners were seeking $100,000 in donations, so that they are able to offset all of the court costs and legal fees that they are about to be taking on during their upcoming fight. They did not receive $100,000, though. The gym owners have been blessed with over $120,000 (and counting). This is the America that liberal thinkers are happy to live in.

    They want to live in an America where setting a courthouse on fire is perfectly fine but innocent citizens that are trying to feed their families are left to their own devices. If you want to go outside and protest, the liberals have no problems with that. Everyone needs to sit at home and watch their bank accounts dwindle while the nation burns. That is the logic that they are operating under right now.

    Good on these gym owners for being willing to stick up for themselves and fight for their rights as Americans. There’s no reason for all of these police officers to descend upon a New Jersey gym like they are in the process of arresting Tony Soprano. We wish these gym owners the best of luck during their legal proceedings and we are sure that the state governor is going to do everything in his power to railroad them.

    Thanks to the windfall they have received, these men will be able to hire a proper lawyer and mount the necessary legal defense. The rest of the nation is going to be watching closely to see what happens. New Jersey is one of the states that is determined to wait as long as possible to reopen their businesses. That hasn’t worked out well for them so far but why would they stop now? It’s all about spiting the conservatives anyway.


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