Why Trump’s Cancellation of the GOP Convention Leaves Libs Speechless


    The libs love nothing more than to paint Trump as an insensitive idiot who is only out to do what he wants to do. Now, they’re left with their mouths hanging open as he cancels the GOP convention that was set to take place in Jacksonville.

    President Trump has been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening with the pandemic in Florida. He’s been listening to his advisors. While the rally would have been great for his reelection campaign, he’s also not going to put anyone at risk.

    While the lefty-swinging media likes to say that Trump is a media whore who will do whatever he can to get the votes, the reality is found within his announcement.

    During a coronavirus briefing at the White House, he identified that it’s “just not the right time” and that he didn’t think it was a good idea to have a “big, crowded convention.” And he’s right – and that’s what the Dems hate even more.

    How in the world can the Dems paint Trump in a bad light when he’s doing rational things like canceling the Republican National Committee events? He’s proving that he cares more about the lives of Americans than he does votes.

    How can this be? The Dems have been saying that he hates us. That he doesn’t care about us. That he’d allow us all to die before admitting that the virus is an actual threat.

    Meanwhile, as Trump is focused on shutting down a crowded convention, the Dems around the country are looking to see who can have the biggest riots in the street. Dozens of people are being killed every month within some of the most heavily Democratic-run cities – and they’re still allowing the riots and protests to get bigger and more violent.

    Who hates Americans, now? The Dems are ready to watch innocents get slaughtered in the middle of the street if it means that they can appease Black Lives Matter. They don’t care about America.

    They care about taking down Trump. They’re looking to divide the country and rebuild it into a socialist hell – and Trump isn’t going to stand by and let that happen.

    The keynote events of the RNC were set to occur in Jacksonville. However, Florida is having an outbreak of the coronavirus that they can’t get under control at the moment. It only makes sense to cancel. It’s the right thing to do.

    What about the official business meetings that go on with the convention? Those will be taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, which has been the plan all along. Those didn’t involve as large of crowds, making them safer.

    Now, the prime-time nomination speech that was going to happen in Jacksonville will be moving online. It’s one of the biggest events and one that would get a lot of eyes on Trump. It’s an important event – but Trump is okay with it being online because it’s safer. It ensures that people aren’t going to be in close quarters in a state that is currently at high-risk.

    Trump has stressed that “We didn’t want to take any chances,” which is why they’re going to be doing tele-rallies for the week. As he conceded, “it’s a different world, and it will be for a little while.”

    Now, if only the Dems would realize that, too. This is a different world. When there are more than four million cases of coronavirus that are known, the Dems are still hell-bent on allowing mass gatherings in the street that are increasingly more violent.

    They need to turn to Trump’s decision to cancel his party’s big events and move them online. He’s doing it to save lives rather than hit home with his message.

    The Dems need to do the same thing. They need to move the protests online. They’ll be safer there.

    However, now that Trump has publicly stated that he’s canceling the events in the interest of safety, the Dems are trying to scrape their jaws off the ground.


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