The Dems’ New Normal: Over 100 Police Agencies Refuse to Protect DNC Convention


    As it turns out, running around talking about how terrible the police are is not a great political strategy. The Democratic National Convention once enjoyed all of the protections that the police have to offer but now? Those who are looking to attend will essentially have to fend for themselves. Over 100 police agencies have pulled out of this event and we are not surprised in the least.

    The Democrats have yet to grasp the concept of accountability and they move the goalposts as they see it. The whole “defund the police” narrative was just a way to pander for votes from the most gullible members of their voting base. Give Biden a month or two and he is going to be backpedaling. He has already tried to claim that he never said he wanted to strip the police of funding.

    There is video evidence to prove that he is lying but that is neither nor there at this point. Police are concerned about the current rhetoric and we fully understand where they are coming from. The usage of crowd control devices has been curtailed, causing officers to feel as if they are sitting ducks out in the streets.

    The Democrats can’t relate to that feeling in most instances but they are about to. The comments that are being made by the police officers themselves say more about this than we ever could. It’s so delicious, we almost feel bad for laughing. This is what the Democrats wanted, though….a world without police officers.

    “We respect the Fire and Police Commission’s decision. But in this particular case, we strongly disagree with the actions they’ve taken. We believe (that) in removing those tools, the use of chemical irritants or pepper spray, from the available resources that the law enforcement officers would have at their disposal if protests become non-peaceful would severely compromise the safety of the public and also the safety of the law enforcement officers who would be assigned to protect the DNC,” said Pond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb.

    The law enforcement agencies that the Democrats have been decrying are not about to show up to save their fat from the fire. If the social workers of the world are so much better at protecting the population from dangerous criminals, maybe the Democrats should ask them to protect their precious convention? It’s an honest question that needs to be answered.

    The Democrats are clearly worried because they have decided to rely on outside assistance when it comes to protecting their convention. West Allis, Fond du Lac, Franklin and Greendale have already withdrawn their officers from the event. The agreements have collapsed and this has been confirmed. “We regret having to do that,” William Lamb says.

    These officers are trained to protect and serve their communities. They are not looking to walk away from those responsibilities. Those who believe that they would willfully make such a decision need to take a long, hard look at what has been going on as of late. Are these officers supposed to sign up for another heaping helping of disrespect from the same Democrats who want to strip them of their duties?

    The Democratic National Convention is slated to take place during the month of August but it remains to be seen as to whether it is going to start on time. Maybe they will be spooked by the lack of police presence and decide to move to a place where they are actually protected? The Republicans have already had to cancel their convention because of concerns related to safety.

    It probably won’t be long before the Democrats have to follow suit. They are going to tell everyone that they are canceling their convention for reasons that are related to social distancing but in reality? They will have to cancel because no self respecting police officer will be on hand to defend them. Best of luck, Democrats!


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