Two Women ‘Protesters’ Arrested in Attack on State Senator, Who They Are Is Alarming


    It is bad enough that people are destroying the historical foundations of the United States for no good reason. But what is even worse are those that are doing the actions. These are people that have jobs working with youth. They sit in dangerous positions of influence with the power to mold minds of kids growing into adulthood. In essence, they are brainwashing the next generation of rioters.

    Protestors that attacked monuments may have claimed that they were targeting controversial people that played into the suffering of slaves years ago, but those were all lies. For one group targeted a statue of Hans Christian Heg, who was a known abolitionist. His statue should have been left alone since he gave his life to help end slavery and racial gaps.

    Within that particular violent group were two women that also rushed Tim Carpenter who is Senator for the state. Being a Democrat, one would think the lousy women would have left him alone. But two women rushed him, pushed him down, and proceeded to beat him nearly to death. And don’t forget that the media has labeled these terrorists as peaceful protestors.

    At the time of the attack, it was not clear who was responsible for the beating of the Senator. No violence is acceptable towards any American no matter what their political views may be. These two women do not care about politics. They are looking for ways to live violently.

    But crime never pays in America. Carpenter was rushed and beaten by people for nothing. He was a victim of a brutal assault. But the perpetrators have been found. Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer are the two brutes that battered the poor man nearly to death. The shocking part is that these women are trained to help people instead of beating them to death.

    O’Reilly works as a physical therapist. She is supposed to help people recover from nasty beatings like the one she gave to Carpenter. But she is in a unique position to help kids and to talk with them into believing that being nasty towards people of different beliefs is fine.

    The scary lunatic is Hamer. She is a social worker for a school in the area. Both women were identified by their coworkers. But Hamer deals with kids and she has the potential of making kids believe that violence is a fine way to respond. Both of these women are a danger themselves and others around them.

    O’Reilly must be the ignorant one of the two because she pointed herself out with pride in pictures to the police. She even ratted out her friend that helped beat Carpenter. Hamer was said to be a person that helped “students and families who are struggling with social-emotional needs, behavioral issues, or environmental issues in the family, school, and/or community.”

    Maybe someone should have helped her with anger and behavioral issues. She might get her wish as prison has a way of solving such issues in many prisoners that mate being behind bars. These two women have thrown their lives away for a cause that they really never supported. Both of them will probably lose their licenses and their jobs. All for the sake of a one-night stand.

    Ironically, both of these women have hurt the very cause that the Democrats are pushing for in terms of defunding the police. Social workers are supposed to be the ones that talk down a mad man killing people in the streets. And here they are out helping the mad man beat people down.

    The Democrats believe that talk is the best way to stop the violence. They are finding out that for every action taken, there must be an equal or greater reaction to put a stop to the destructive force. This is where the police would come in. But since they were taken out of the way, there has been nothing to counter the effects of the murderous crowds. The only force standing in their way has been the federal agents sent in by President Trump. At least he cares enough about people to protect them when the Democrats fail to do their job.


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