Oh, Joe: Biden’s So Delirious That He’s Waging a War Over School Choice


    Zipcodes often define the education that a child gets in the United States. Live in a great zip code, your education is top-notch. Live in a poor zip code, and you’ll be lucky if you can read by the time you graduate. Welcome to education in the United States.

    Well, that is, until school choice came around. School choice allowed parents to choose the school they wanted to send their kids to. It helped to overcome some of those zip code boundaries to allow for a better education.

    Parents and kids alike love school choice. Who doesn’t like school choice? Joe Biden. He’s so mentally incapacitated that he just declared war on school choice.

    Trump has said, “We’re fighting for school choice, which really is the civil rights of all time in this country.” He believes that a child’s zip code shouldn’t determine their future. Well, guess what? Biden believes that it should.

    Biden has suggested, “that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every child, everywhere, is able to receive a world-class education that enables them to lead meaningful lives.” Oh, great. So, parents won’t have a say on the kind of education that their children get. Instead, the government will dictate that. And…how long will it take for the government to figure out how to offer a “world-class education?”  The government can’t even figure out how to balance a budget.

    Biden would love nothing more than to exert more federal control over education, eliminating options from parents. Who will suffer? Predominantly low-income families as well as high-needs families.

    Biden’s been vocal on the war he wants to wage on school choice.

    He wants to ban for-profit charter schools.

    He wants to appoint a federal task force to study the effects of charter schools.

    He wants to oppose any and all voucher programs.

    Well, isn’t this just the best news ever. Considering that 90 percent of U.S. students attend a public school, it is critical that parents choose what school their children can attend. Some charter schools cater to children with learning disabilities. Some charter schools offer a better solution to students in low-income and impoverished schools.

    Where the federal government has already failed students across the U.S., school choice has helped to level the playing ground.

    What would Biden know about the hardships of public school, however? Joe Biden has spent his entire career in politics. As a U.S. Senator, he had the money to send his children to private school. He lived in the best zip codes. As such, he cannot understand what it’s like to send a child to a school-based solely on a zip code in a low-income area. The kids don’t have the support of their parents. The kids don’t have access to books and computers. As such, every kid in the classroom with those kids will suffer in one way or another. Teachers have to play down to the weakest instead of up to the strongest.

    Biden’s war on school choice is popular among the Dems who don’t have kids. After all, why spend money on vouchers? My kids don’t need vouchers. However, the war on school choice is unpopular among American parents – Democratic or Republican. The reason is simple – parents want the best for their kids.

    Maybe Biden doesn’t even realize that he’s declared war. Perhaps he was told to say certain things. What Biden actually wants is unclear anymore because he’s not allowed to speak. And when he is allowed, he has prepared notes to read.

    If education in the United States is ever to improve, it requires an understanding that zip codes cannot define a child’s education. There needs to be an investment in technology and teachers. And as soon as a parent’s ability to choose a school is lost, all hope for a good education is also lost.


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