It’s Time to Meet the New Mafia…Has the Whole World Gone Mad?


    Black Lives Matter thugs are now making demands that covertly mafia tactics hidden in the plea of saving lives. Mafia members go around and rip off business owners and individuals by demanding money for protection. Failure to pay means a beating or death depending on the mood of the person threatening the harm. In this case, the BLM mafia is being called out as a criminal entity that is demanding things from people and businesses that are not rightfully theirs to have.

    Fernando Martinez is one business owner that believes saving lives is important. But he refuses to be a part of the BLM because of the threats that they are pushing on people. He had received a letter from protestors that demanded certain things from him and in exchange, the BLM group would not touch his business. The message was loud and clear that he was to hand over his money in exchange for protection.

    He was instructed to put a not on the door that he received from the hitman. His exact words to Martinez were so “your business is not f***ed with.” BLM is a bogus group of lazy sloths trying to invent ways of ripping people off. The hard work of hundreds of businesses is threatened by BLM. The death of George Floyd is now meaningless to these people. All they care about are things that they steal from others that will make them happy.

    Several business owners have been threatened in this fashion over the past few weeks. The letter comes in and the threat is made. Failure to post the letter as ordered and give up what they want will result in a torched business. The liberal backed BLM group is using bullying tactics to scare people into compliance. After all, they have been successful in getting rid of the police, so they see this as their chance to get free stuff.

    Martinez took to social media to expose what BLM is now doing to shop owners. He wrote that “There comes a time in life that you have to make a stand and you have to prove your convictions and what you believe in. All good people need to denounce this. How can you justified (sic) injustice with more injustice?” There are so many ignorant people that buy into the jargon of BLM that they are blind to their evil until BLM targets them.

    What Martinez was told to give up was that he was to do business with more black people than white people. Never mind all of the color varieties between the two extremes. BLM is setting up its own crime network around the country. And it’s being done in the name of injustice. After all, who in their ignorant mind is going to challenge a group that protests the wrongful deaths of people of color.

    The premise that all police are bad is within itself a misnomer. The vast majority of cops are true heroes that save and work with people regardless of their color. The Democratic Party is using fake stories to up their vote count. Once November is done and President Trump wins reelection, the Democrats will forget about the election campaign and go back to badgering the president.

    COVID-19 will all but disappear from the news and the riots will quiet down because they will not be doing anyone any good anymore for the sake of votes. Liberals love drama. They love to create it with the intent of being the beloved solvers of everyone’s problems. But in the end, they wide up creating more issues than solving.

    Martinez is not bowing to the demands of BLM. He is a person of color and so is his family. So for BLM to treat him this way is purely criminal. He said in front of hundreds of people “How can I be called a bigot and a racist when my family is Black? When my son is gay?  I’m the proud father of a gay son, and I’m gonna fight for him against anybody.” BLM is now the new mafia that plagues cities across the country.


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