Dems Shocked as Black MAGA March Enters LA


    Trump Calls Midler A “Washed Up Psycho”

    The Dems are banking on Biden getting the black vote. They can’t imagine a world where blacks would vote for Trump. Now, they’re barely able to breathe as a large population of Blacks march through Los Angeles wearing none other than the red MAGA hats of the Trump campaign.


    It’s the new trending hashtag to show that anything is possible in 2020.

    When Black Lives Matter has black people yelling at those in uniform and is objecting against the family structure, there are others who show that they are not with Black Lives Matter.

    It’s not about skin color. It’s about inherent beliefs. BLM and the media would like to paint a picture that only white people would want Trump.

    Meanwhile, the Smithsonian tells us things like planning for the future, individualism, and competition are inherently white. So, Obama never planned for the future? Every black NFL player isn’t competitive? Who even comes up with this crap?

    The hard reality is that there are plenty of blacks who believe in individualism, competition, and plan for the future. They own their own businesses. And, wait for it, they plan on voting for Trump in the 2020 elections.

    As the Dems try to clear up racism, they’re clinging to some of the most dangerous racial stereotypes to ever exist.

    Biden and Trump are both white. No matter what Biden says, he’s still white. This means that every American has a choice: vote for a white male or vote for a white male. The media wants to try to paint Biden as another color because that’s what BLM would prefer. However, Trump, too, has black supporters.

    The rally that marched through the streets of Los Angeles made it crystal, clear, too. They identified themselves as the “liberals worst nightmare” and used the hashtag of #BlackLivesMAGA. Oh, and while they showed support for Trump, they also showed support for America and the police.

    The group’s march made it clear that they aren’t playing into the stereotypes that the Dems want to convince everyone exists. Blacks and Whites can come together. Not all whites are racist. Not all blacks are lazy. Not all blacks want to vote for Biden.

    Black Lives Matter has made it clear that one of its objectives is to rebel against the “family.” Many black families grow up without one or both of their parents. While this is unfortunate, it doesn’t mean it’s the norm. It doesn’t mean that those who grew up with both parents are any less black or any better off.

    Every hard-working black person who works hard clings to their individualism and loves their family is going against what the Dems and the media are saying. They’re the ones that are fighting against Black Lives Matter. BLM thinks that they speak for every black person out there – and the Dems are eating it all up as facts.

    How did the country get to a point where a single group of violent rioters are deciding who we are and what direction the country is headed? Are the Dems so weak that they’re willing to go along with whatever Antifa and BLM say to the point that they are going to allow the country to bleed and flounder?

    One of the men behind the BlackLivesMAGA march in Los Angeles has a Twitter account where he identifies himself as MAGA Hulk. The ripped black man wears a muscle shirt that shows his support of Trump. How’s that for tearing down all of the stereotypes?

    Within MAGA Hulk’s tweets, he says one of the most truthful things in current events: Trump supporters vote Trump because they believe in him. Biden supporters vote Biden because they hate Trump.

    So, what happens if Biden really does get into an office? We have someone who isn’t Trump, but what are we really left with? A racist puppet who isn’t even sure what day it is.


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