Pence Emphatically Tells ‘Silent Majority’ to ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’


    The silent majority. This is the majority that isn’t being heard on the polls. This is the majority that the Dems pretend not to know anything about. It is also the majority that was responsible for Trump winning in 2016 when all the polls showed that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag.

    Now, VP Mike Pence is calling for the silent majority to let their voices be heard.

    The Vice President identified that “polling America is broken” on the Breitbart News Daily with Alex Marlow.

    Marlow asked about the “concept of the Silent Majority” and wanted to know what Pence had to say about it.

    Pence responded with, “The traveling that I have a chance to do as vice president, Alex, the silent majority doesn’t look very silent to me.” He told stories of how people in Pennsylvania have been holding signs and rallying. He also warned that the polling is highly unreliable, reminding listers about the predictions of a Clinton victory in 2016.

    Many people have been talking about this within their close-knit groups on Facebook, too. Have you been polled? Have you had the opportunity to speak your mind on who you are going to vote for in November? Too many people are saying “no” when asked this question. So, exactly who is being polled when the media runs their surveys? Clearly, they’re not reaching out to the Republicans.

    It’s why the silent majority exists. It’s not that they want to be silent. It’s that no one is reaching out to find out what they think. It’s part of what the Dems want. They want to pretend that most of the country is rooting for Biden. Then, when Biden doesn’t win the election, they can call voter fraud. It’s what they did in 2016, and it’s what they’re planning to do in 2020. Clearly, they need to learn some new tricks because the GOP is over it at this point.

    Pence, however, is ready to fight the stigma within the media. He knows that if he wants to spend another four years in the White House, maybe with a bit less drama, he has to get the silent majority to stand up and speak out.

    So, what should the silent majority be saying or doing? Well, that’s when he points to the groups that are marching. Cops for Trump. Black Lives MAGA. The list of groups already speaking out and having their voices heard are growing.

    Unfortunately, the Dems have made it hard for people to speak out. Wearing a MAGA hat out in public is an open invitation to be assaulted. Saying that you like Trump on social media is a fate worse than death. The Dems have used intimidation to keep the silent majority quiet.

    But, as Pence explains, we have no choice but to speak out. The Dems have to see that there are countless people who support America, Trump, and the police. They have to see that the majority of people really do want to continue funding the police and who really do want to keep Trump in office for another four years.

    Biden is who people are voting for because they don’t want Trump. It’s not because Biden has some amazing platform that people are flocking toward. He’s what the DNC ended up with, so it’s who the DNC has to parade around. They have to work hard to make him look like an appetizing vote, too, considering the questionable mental capabilities and the constant lies.

    Pence wants Trump supporters to be loud and to tell how Trump’s successes have helped the country. Otherwise, Biden and the radical left will win.

    The VP concluded his interview with, “I have every confidence we’re going to deliver a great victory for the American people when we reelect President Donald Trump for four more years on November the 3rd.”

    So, since the polls won’t capture the thoughts of the silent majority, the silent majority has no choice but to break through their cone of silence and prove the Dems wrong.


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