Trump’s Exposing Pelosi’s Scheme to Keep American Workers Suffering So They Can Win in November


    Americans have been watching the news closely over the past week or so, hoping that the Republicans and Democrats would be able to come to an agreement on a second stimulus package. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have decided to strong arm the Republicans, keeping a deal from being made. Now, President Trump has finally decided to step in and put a stop to this madness.

    Four executive orders were issued by the president over the weekend that were designed to provide Americans with some much needed relief. If these executive orders are allowed to pass, they will offer the necessary assistance that so many citizens require. Modified unemployment would be given, eviction protection is going to be granted, student loan debt relief will be continued and payroll taxes for employers would be suspended.

    This may not work for some but guess what? This is a better offer than anything that the Democrats were ever willing to put on the table. They are playing a dangerous game with American livelihoods. From where we are sitting, they are perfectly willing to gamble with everyone’s potential aid. Instead, they are hoping for some “big win” that they can claim over the Republicans.

    Trump wants to offer up help right now, the Democrats are crossing their fingers that they can claim a victory in November. It should be beyond obvious to anyone who pays attention to the current state of affairs. As you may have imagined, Pelosi and Schumer were displeased by the announcement. They wanted to be the conquering heroes who rode in to save the day.

    Now that their thunder is being stolen by President Trump, they are seething with rage. In fact, Pelosi is referring to the $400 unemployment benefit that Trump has offered as an “illusion”. We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that the money is still very real even if the Democrats are the ones who are unable to claim responsibility for it.

    The president has now fired the most crucial salvo in this crucial battle. The Democrats have been boxed in and they will now have to answer to the American people if they decide to fight back against these executive orders. They are going to have a lot of explaining to do once the Democratic voters want answers about the lack of funding that they are receiving.

    Is Nancy Pelosi going to start housing people? She’s probably too busy stocking her costly freezer with all sorts of expensive ice cream to care about the problems that the American proletariat is experiencing. The president understands the urgency of the current situation but the Democrats do not.

    This is clear as day to see. The legislation that will help Americans overcome the financial issues that have been posed by the coronavirus pandemic needed to be passed quickly. The Senate has now pushed things to the point where they are forced to push back their own recess. Even with these sacrifices being made, there is still no deal in sight.

    Schumer and Pelosi are currently looking to stonewall the negotiations, so that the American people are made to suffer until election time rolls around. Once November is here, they will play the blame game and tell everyone that the Republicans are responsible for the predicament that they are in. Their priority is a simple one: remove President Trump from the White House at all costs, even if American workers have to pay the cost for their hubris.

    The Democrats should be confident that they can beat Trump, with or without any additional assistance from a pandemic. When they decided to put the kibosh on this potential deal, they sent a strong signal to the rest of America. The American worker is going to be left to fend for themselves while the nation is stricken with the worst crisis that most of us have ever seen.


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