Unbelievable: Minneapolis Mayor Passes the Buck Over Violence


    Every time the Democrats are exposed for the frauds they are, they have to blame their actions on someone else. The liberal mayor, Jacob Frey, screwed up with his handling of riots that broke out in June within the city. The cowardly mayor has pulled out the excuse card and is trying to place blame for his failures on the governor of Minnesota for not deploying the National Guard when the mayor supposedly requested it.

    Frey is the perfect example of the way Democrats dump their problems on other people. The mayor thinks he can handle things without help from higher powers and when he fails, he blames the governor. Democrats at every level saw the protests as simple examples of change in action. But they were nothing more than the start of violent protests across the country.

    It was reported that the governor had told the mayor that the troops would be ready to deploy within 24 hours if they were needed. But friar Frey is not believing what the governor was claiming. Each side is pointing their wrinkly fingers at each trying to pass blame ahead of the pending election. They all know that their jobs are on the line and no one is happy with them.

    The governor and mayor do not have the best relationship. Their relationship is a picture of how all Democrats view each other throughout the country. They simply do not trust each other to act on their behalf in a trustworthy manner. So instead of putting down the violence, both men allowed the Third Precinct to glow in the darkness as it was burned to the ground.

    Both sad little men failed the people of Minnesota and Minneapolis. The mayor lied when he stated that “Not just for me, but for so many in our city that were doing everything they could…Everyone was pouring themselves into stemming the violence.” No one was doing anything in the government to prevent the violence except the Democrats who were supporting it.

    Frey is adamant that the sticky governor ignored his pleas for help. But the record of the mayor is not any better. When the time came to support the police the mayor instead pushed to defund them. The very ones that that protect him and his family were met with a backhand across the face. He turned his back on them and now he is seeing the consequences of his choices to support violence instead of law and order.

    One message that was passed around the mayor’s office stated that the “Mayor just came out and said the chief wants him to call in the national guard to help at Third Precinct. Mayor appears intent on doing.” President Trump was wise enough to see the trouble coming before it arrived.

    The president stated that he could not watch things unfold without doing anything. He stated that there was “A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right. The mayor should have reached out to the president for help. But his arrogant Democratic pride got in his way.

    Frey ordered the evacuation of the police station that was burned. He should have ordered the police to take aggressive action and put down the rebellion before it got out of hand. But Democrats care too much what others think. They would rather bow to the wishes of criminals than stand up and do the right thing.

    The fight to prove who is right continues to rage between the different levels of government. One person says they are right while the other says they are correct. But the truth is that both sorry little men failed the people that fateful day. President Trump offered assistance and both of them ignored and reject the powerful president’s help. Their pride got in the way and they think that they knew best. But in the end, they showed how foolish they were.


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