VP or AG, Kamala Harris Will Huff and Puff Her Way into the White House


    Kamala Harris is determined to have a profound effect on America. The question is, will she have the opportunity? Although she’s been considered the frontrunner for the VP position, will that give her the kind of power that she’s looking for? According to the former San Fran mayor, maybe not.

    Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco, has been urging Senator Kamala Harris to decline the VP spot on Biden’s ticket if it’s offered to her.

    But…but…Harris wants to be the vice president, doesn’t she? Once Biden’s out of the way, she can become president. It’s the most powerful position that she could hope for. Right?

    Maybe not.

    According to Brown, the best thing for Harris would be to reject the VP position and, instead, request that she be considered for the Attorney General position inside of the Biden administration.

    Brown wrote in an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, “Harris is a tested and proven campaigner who will work her backside off to get Biden elected.” However, he doesn’t see the VP as the position she should go for. “Historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end.” He explains that while there’s a George H.W. Bush that can ascend into the role, there is also the Al Gore that never got the chance.

    Considering that Kamala Harris is only 55 years old, she’s easily got another 20 years of politics in her. Because that’s the way the Dems work.

    They focus on being career politicians so they can ruin the country for not four or eight years but for as long as they are around to breathe. It’s why so many people voted for Trump – he’s not the career politician. Instead, he’s looking to drain the swamp instead of continuing to breed swamp monsters that will fester in DC.

    Harris may be the frontrunner for the Joe Biden ticket, but there are a few things that are making it hard for her to be considered the “best pick.”

    The contentious debates that she had with him in the spring while she still held onto the chance of being president herself are at the top of the list. Her history of being a prosecutor certainly isn’t doing her any favors, either, especially during this time of civil unrest.

    The Dems love to take shots at the current AG, William Barr. However, Barr has also had quite a bit to deal with during his reign with Trump, including protecting him against the Dems’ relentless efforts to (unsuccessfully) oust Trump since they don’t like him. They’re still bitter about Clinton not getting the win, and so Barr has had to show the Dems what the law really looks like.

    According to Brown, Harris can just show up and be halfway sane and still make a better AG than Barr.

    That’s a typical Dem for you. Let’s not strive for anything amazing. Let’s just show up and be halfway sane. That’s their pick for not only the president but also the AG. There’s got to be a compliment about Kamala Harris in there somewhere, but it’s not too clear.

    Of course, Kamala Harris can have all of the big plans that she wants. Her own presidential campaign didn’t go so well, and it’s because Americans just didn’t like her. The Dems just don’t want to face that because the truth can hurt sometimes.

    Plus, Harris is only going to get into the White House if Trump doesn’t get the reelection bid. She can huff and puff her way into whatever position she wants, but it’s still hanging by the idea that Biden would have to win the presidency for her to make her way into the power seat.

    So, if Harris is offered the VP spot on the ticket and turns it down, Biden will be stuck with their second choice – and that’s just like how the Dems feel about being stuck with Biden.


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