Kamala’s V.P. Nomination Makes Her the First Place Loser


    Kamala Harris once had a chance of being the presidential nomination choice of the Democratic Party. But her views were greatly different than that of what people were comfortable with, so they did away with her. Joe Biden is the best that the progressives have to offer as their candidate. But he is not enough. Harris was secretly placed as the second in command nominee to shore-up a faltering candidate.

    The second place is a first-place loser position. No one has been praised for coming in second. Harris could not cut in the top spot, so she had to settle for second place. Except some believe that she was not the top choice of Biden and he was forced to pick her by his puppet masters.

    Harris has no real identity of her own. At some point, she appears to be a tough crime fighter, and the next she is a copy of Bernie Sanders. Her preference would have been to serve with Sanders, but he was not good enough to win the nomination.

    Harris is a person that dodges questions and refuses to tell the truth behind her beliefs. It is not clear if she even knows what she believes. She has no answers as to why she supports the deadly green new deal. And she certainly cannot tell why Medicare for everyone is a good idea.

    Her reluctance to provide answers was her undoing in the nomination race. Her politics were based on her identity which certainly was not her strong point. She had no plan for the country and that was her undoing. So now she has to settle for being the first-place loser behind Biden. Or maybe she is hoping something happens to Biden and she can slip like a snake into the first-place spot.

    Harris must love defeat. She has joined herself to a man that is slipping quickly into defeat. His inability to recall facts, people, and places set him for failure. A person with dementia should not be allowed to run for president.

    Her fate now rests in the hands of her opponent. The once cheerleader for Sanders has now become a supporter of Biden. Her progressive views are more likely to hurt Biden than help him. But when a candidate does not know what he stands for, Harris will fit in just fine since she does not what or who she is.

    The pushy progressives must think that Biden is going to die in office. And if they cannot beat him at the nomination race, then they can sneak one of their own in as the vice president. When Biden finally falls out of office, they will finally have their progressives in place to destroy the nation.

    Harris scored big in the presidential race until she showed her true nature. Her ideas and policies were not of American design. They represent the philosophies and desires of nations that hate freedom and want nothing more than for the United States to be destroyed.

    Her campaign was full of nonsense and serious issues. People could not tell what she stood for. She was too much of a threat to freedom to be allowed to sit in the number one position. But for the Democrats, the number two position will be just fine.

    Vice presidents have little impact on the election process. But for Biden, it might just be the opposite. But instead of helping him, the first-place loser will only harm his chances of beating the best president to sit in the Oval Office since the country gained its freedom.

    It is more of a possibility that Harris will create more problems for Biden than she will solve. Her reluctance to support Israel or put America first is going to cause a lot of strife for the old man before he can ever get started campaigning. Her presence will be more of hardship for Biden than a help.

    President Trump has the best running mate in the country. Mike Pence is the perfect balance of honesty and integrity that could be asked for. The Republicans are going to win big and there is nothing the Democrats can do to stop it.


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