Silence? Yale Found to Discriminate Against Whites and Asians


    The Department of Justice has decided to investigate Yale University and they have found that there is some illegal discrimination taking place. When it comes to undergraduate admissions, Asian-Americans and white Americans are being discriminated against on a regular basis. Civil rights laws have been violated and this evidence has finally come to light.

    The investigation was opened by The Department of Justice back in 2018 after a complaint was filed by an applicant who believes that the university is discriminates against Asians during the admission process. From there, the DOJ threatened the university with a lawsuit unless changes were made in a timely manner.

    The Justice Department outlined the particulars of this malfeasance in a letter about the investigation. “Yale grants substantial, and often determinative, preferences based on race to certain racially-favored applicants and relatively and significantly disfavors other applicants because of their race,” the letter read.

    INBOX: DOJ Finds Yale Illegally Disciminates against Asians and Whites in Undergraduate Admissions in Violation of Federal Civil-Rights Law.

    Department threatens suit without changes within two weeks.

    — Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) August 13, 2020

    “Yale’s race discrimination imposes undue and unlawful penalties on racially-disfavored applicants, including in particular Asian American and White applicants.”

    “For example, the likelihood of admission for Asian American and White applicants who have similar academic credentials is significantly lower than for African American and Hispanic applicants to Yale College. For the great majority of applicants, Asian American and White applicants have only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials.”

    These words say it all, don’t they? Since the university currently receives federal funding, Title VI’s anti discrimination mandate can be applied. Assistant Attorney General Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband is speaking out about the issue. “There is no such thing as a nice form of race discrimination,” he said.

    “Unlawfully dividing Americans into racial and ethnic blocs fosters stereotypes, bitterness, and division. It is past time for American institutions to recognize that all people should be treated with decency and respect and without unlawful regard to the color of their skin,” Dreiband continued.

    Yale has been given two weeks to make the necessary changes before the Department of Justice takes further action. The deadline is August 27, 2020 and we are anxiously awaiting the results of this mandate. The Department is prepared to file a lawsuit against Yale, so that their Title VI obligations are properly enforced.

    This university may have believed that they were engaging in a friendly form of discrimination but the Department of Justice feels differently. This should not have come as a major surprise to them. After all, we thought that the Ivy League types out there were supposed to be smart. Don’t they realize that this type of discrimination actually causes more problems than it solves?

    Yale students are typically not the type to accept these sorts of handouts anyway. They want to earn their degree on the basis of their hard work and intelligence, not the color of their skin. When Asian-American students are not given the same opportunities, this is a form of systemic racism as well. We are not surprised in the least. This is one of the more predictable investigations in recent memory.

    To be honest, we are not sure why an investigation was even launched here. The Department of Justice probably could have figured out what was taking place without having to expend any additional effort. We are glad that they decided to be as thorough as possible, though. If they had come to this decision without a full investigation, the liberals never would have let them hear the end of it.

    It’s okay to break the rules in their world as long as you are breaking them in service of performative wokeness. Hopefully, all of the other Ivy League schools that are engaging in this practice are brought to justice as well. Yale cannot be the only school that is behaving in such a ridiculous manner and it was only a matter of time before they were finally exposed. Kudos to the Department of Justice for their timely investigation


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