Joker Joe Biden Tries to Steal Credit for President’s Success


    Joe Biden is America’s biggest joker. He has a bad habit of taking credit for the hard work that other people have done for the nation. His reluctance to admit that this former boss, Barack Obama, was a complete screwup is barely shocking. What the biggest tragedy about his actions is that he tries to paint the former administration as the source of all the good that has happened in America.

    Over and over again the media reports that President Trump is not responsible for the tremendous advancement of the economy and startling growth in every industry in America. The country was in a state of slow death over the eight years Obama strangled the life out of the nation.

    It was not until President Trump showed up and started to deregulate the country that things started to turn around. For the shorts years that President Trump has been in office, he has done more for this country than any of the lazy liberals before him.

    Biden and his former crime lord boss tried desperately to change America forever. But the people are not going to give up the freedoms that they have fought hard to keep. And for the former vice president to try and take credit for the work of the current president is just another sign that his dementia is ruining his life.

    Biden’s latest attempt to steal credit came as the president announced the best thing to happen in the Middle East since Israel took back her land. And yet Biden would have everyone believe that he is responsible for broker the deal. Even though he had nothing to do with it at all except through all the criticism and complaining he did over it.

    The exceptional growth the country has seen is a direct result of the president living up to his promises. For the first time in many years, there is finally a man in office that is not concerned with what others think about him. He is more concerned with doing what is right than what makes him feel good.

    Democrats seem to forget that they are natural-born liars. They think that in some sick way that everything they say is the truth. Even when the facts show a different picture, they continue to this day one thing and do another.

    The is absolutely no connection between Obama or Biden with the new deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. History tells another story that Obama and his bumbling buffoon vice president work against Israel. They did not want to see a strong and united Middle East. They wanted to see a region full of violence.

    Biden and his boss are pro-Iran. They appeased them for eight years straight and gave them what they wanted. They gave Iran the things that provided them with the power to control the area and threaten other nations around them.

    President Trump took up the challenge to bring two warring people together. His success lays the foundation for better growth and development for the two countries than anything that was in place before.

    What the president did was show the former liberal State Department that the seemingly impossible can be done. Horrible Hillary Clinton should be embarrassed that her nemesis has done what she could not get done. But clammy Clinton really hates Israel so there is no reason why she should try and help them at all.

    Islamic Rashida Tlaib hates the deal because it takes away her cards to play against Israel. But after all the other nations that were caught in the middle of the pathetic Palestinians attempt to destroy Israel are sick and tired of the conflict. They are ready to work with Israel as partners for a better future and brighter tomorrow.

    Biden is an Iranian spy that wants to see the terrorist nation dominate and destroy smaller nations. As a president, he would empower them to the point that they would even dominate the United States. He just is not presidential material. But President Trump has it all and is the right man for the next four years.


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