Maniacal Maxine Waters Attempts to Remove Trump from His Office… Again


    Maxine Waters is one of the loudest and mouthiest U.S. Representatives out there. At the age of 82, she should have probably retired from politics years ago. Instead, she’s still serving as a bottom feeder, leeching off the system and doing absolutely nothing for her district in California.

    It seems that the only thing that she’s capable of doing anymore is complaining about Trump. She’s been a part of Congress for over 30 years, yet the problems in the country are because of Trump? Someone clearly needs a reality check.

    Maxine Waters has been trying to impeach Trump since 2017. She brings it up every few months as if she suddenly has enough ammunition to make it happen. But she doesn’t. She simply doesn’t like the man.

    In fact, she has even stated that she wants him gone because she thinks that the election was “marred with massive voter suppression.” So, basically, she’s still crying over the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t make it into the White House.

    Now, one would think that this close to the next election, Waters would be throwing all of her time and energy behind getting Biden elected. Nope. She obviously doesn’t hold too much hope in the Biden/Harris ticket happening because she, yet again, is trying to get Trump out of office.

    It’s the same crap as always. She wants the 25th Amendment applied so that he can be removed from the office. Section 4 of that amendment reads that Trump could be removed if he’s “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

    Waters must forget how Trump has been carefully navigating us through these unchartered waters of the pandemic. He and the rest of the GOP have been fighting to reopen the economy to get rid of the recession. It’s her and the rest of the Dems that want to keep the government shut down.

    What demonstrates that Trump cannot “discharge” the powers and duties as president?

    Waters tends to go on long rampages about how she doesn’t like Trump. However, she does just as much name-calling about him that she claims he does about others. Since she’s older and has been a politician for longer, shouldn’t she be the one that sets an example?

    She claims, “he’s undermining our democracy. We cannot take any more of this president. This president is not only attacking the person that was just appointed or selected by Biden to be his vice president, and he is not hesitant to do it. This man has no shame. The name-calling, he called her nasty, on and on and on. I don’t know how much more the American people can take.”

    In every debate, there are attacks. Both parties go up against each other. Trump is swinging just as hard as Biden is. Perhaps she forgets that Biden has done plenty of name-calling, too – and not just at Trump.

    The reality is that when she says, “I don’t know how much more the American people can take,” she means herself. Many Americans are happy with the job that he’s doing. He’s holding people accountable. He’s trying to hold onto the democracy of the country.

    Perhaps Waters needs to take a look around. There are too many Democratic cities that are running on authoritarianism right now. They have let groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa take over the cities. There’s violence everywhere. It’s not Trump that’s dangerous – it’s the Dems that refuse to acknowledge that there’s a terrorism problem within their cities.

    Meanwhile, Waters is spouting lies just to try to get the action brought against. Him. He’s not trying to destroy the post office. He’s not trying to tear apart the country.

    Maxine Waters is the dictionary definition of the swamp that Trump set out to drain when he took the position of president. The reason that Waters hates Trump is simple: the swamp is her home and she’s been abusing her power as a Congresswoman for decades.


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