Rioters Come Back to Downtown Portland — No Feds in Sight But Portland PD Took Care of Business to BLM’s Regret


    Trying to reason with a Black Lives Matter thug is like trying to herd cats onto an open trailer. They are stubborn and cannot see beyond their flawed logic to see that what they are doing is not only criminal but also unethical. Each member of BLM lies about their intentions and they have no problem joining forces with people from other groups to create trouble and enact violence in large cities.

    What was once thought as a settlement of peace between BLM and federal agents turned out to be nothing but lies from the Portland rioters. They claimed to return to peace once the federal agents had left was nothing but a hoax. Once the agents left, they immediately returned in force and destroyed businesses and property like never before.

    There was one good thing that came out of the federal agents being in Portland and that was the training that the Portland Police Department got while being in action. They saw an effective way to deal with rioters and methods to restore peace. President Trump’s way of dealing with criminals worked.

    Portland has been under attack from anti-American forces for several months. After the federal agents had left, the threat returned to the streets. This past week, Portland police received word that violence was coming again and this time they decided to take a page out of President Trump’s book and put a stop to it by going for the jugular of the BLM group.

    The rioters had returned and were claiming that they were going to protest in peace. But like every night before the last, it would turn into a run of destruction. The Portland police did not buy into the lie and went into immediate action.

    With the removal of the federal agents, the terrorists could branch out and cover more territory. They had started moving into the peaceful suburbs and destroying everything in their path. But the heroes of the Portland PD were about to change the pace of the riots.

    The federal agents went after the staging grounds of the protestors. They were assembling in nearby parks and then they would move into the downtown area. Like before, local and state police went to the parks and did the same thing that the federal agents did before. They put to flight the nasty killers lurking in the darkness.

    The federal agents would watch with pride as the local police took back their town. The rioters had no place to launch their attacks. The police took back their streets and firmly denied the people the pleasure of destroying more property.

    The riots in the suburbs were also met with aggressive force. The sad little BLM terrorists tried to force their hatred on people, and they were met with anti-riot methods and force. What was even encouraging during the fight was that the local residents got involved and fought alongside the police to keep the weak Antifa and BLM people out of their neighborhoods.

    One would think that Antifa would take the hint and leave, but they came back and even announced their intentions to destroy and loot. They announced their intentions on social media and it quickly gained the attention of the police once again. And like before there were no federal agents to help, but law enforcement would not need their help because they had learned how to deal with the shallow terrorists.

    The police showed up in force and took down the crowd that was assembling with little to no effort. They took the fight to their own territory. This was a major win for the Portland police.

    Just weeks ago, Ted Wheeler would have never allowed such a show force. He has taken the side of the terrorist but caved under the pressure when the rest of Portland forced him to do something about the violence.

    President Trump has won the war against the violent BLM and Antifa forces. His federal agents have cleaned house and taught the liberals a valuable lesson with how to deal with violent rioters.


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