Conspiracy Theories Spin Out of Control with Threats to Arrest Postmaster-General


    The Post Office has been making budget cuts for years. However, the Postmaster General isn’t going to do anything that puts him out of a job. Yet, the far left doesn’t believe him. The conspiracy theories have spun so far out of control that they don’t even have a grip on reality anymore.

    Now, some Dems are even calling for Louis DeJoy to be arrested. Why? Because they think that he’s trying to help Trump win the elections.

    Adam Schiff wants the Postmaster General to resign, adding in the comment, “We won’t let Trump destroy the Post Office.”

    Jim Cooper has issued a similar threat, taking it even further with the tweet, “We need to subpoena the Postmaster-General, and if he fails to appear, we should send the Sgt at Arms to arrest him.

    Clearly, the conspiracy theories are false. DeJoy has already said that he will testify in court. He has nothing to hide. There’s a pandemic going on. Budget cuts have been made. It’s why there will be no overtime and why delivery is slow. Even before election ballots were a consideration, mail has been slow – yet the Dems are out for blood on this one.

    The Dems are losing their minds. They want to have an appointee of the executive branch arrested for challenging a subpoena. Had the GOP done the same thing, they would have gone nuts. Meanwhile, the media is going along with it all. There’s no pushback at all.

    The media seems to be going along with it. “Blocking mail-in ballots could help Trump steal the election” was a headline on The Washington Post. There’s no such evidence. He has not done anything to block mail-in ballots.

    But this is 2020 and the Dems have joined the lunatic fringe. They’re not about democracy at this point. They’re about rushing into hysteria without using any kind of evidence. They’ll publish anything and everything they can get their swampy hands on as long as it paints Trump in a bad light.

    What’s got the Dems so anxious? Fear. This is all brought about by fear. The moment that Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, Biden started to lose some of his significant lead on Trump. The polls are starting to catch up in Trump’s favor – and the Dems don’t want to lose out on yet another election.

    So, enter the conspiracy theory about the mail-in ballots. There are going to be more mail-in ballots because of the pandemic. However, also because of the pandemic, the post office has announced that they cannot guarantee that all ballots will make it to where they need to be counted in time.

    Does that mean Trump is trying to get rid of the post office? Absolutely not. Surprise…there are other ways to vote. You can drop your mail-in ballot to any government office without using the mail. You can also vote in person.

    The financial viability of the post office is nothing new. It’s been in need of serious funding for years. When Obama made Social Security payments electronic, he hurt the US Postal Service because that was a significant amount of funding. Every year, they lose money. In 2019, they lost $8.8 billion. It was the 13th year that the agency lost money. 13 years they’ve been losing money.

    Wait a second. 13 years? Trump has only been in office for four. The other years of losing money were in the reign of Obama. It turns out that the real reason for the post office not being able to guarantee the delivery of ballots on time is from the Golden Boy himself. But the Dems can’t admit to the truth. They don’t deal with hard facts and statistics. They can only deal in lies, deceit, and conspiracy theories.

    The Postmaster General won’t be arrested, though. He’ll show up to the House to testify. The only real question is what the Dems will do once they’re forced to face the cold, hard truth.


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