Wholesale Slaughter in Chicago While Dems Celebrate Themselves at DNC Convention


    Over the weekend prior to this past one, the city of Chicago experienced a heightened level of violence and there was even a second round of looting. In addition to the looting, at least 40 residents were shot. While this past weekend did not see as much looting, the violence continues. 64 Chicago residents were shot over the weekend and five were killed.

    One of the injured parties is a 12-year-old boy but no one seems to care. The Chicago Sun Times published a comprehensive breakdown of the shootings and it is too extensive to go into here. Sadly, the list is filled with all sorts of minors who never had a chance to defend themselves. A 14-year-old was shot while he was standing on a sidewalk.

    Another 17-year-old boy was shot while standing on the sidewalk as well and it breaks our hearts to see a city where children cannot be outside without being struck by random bursts of gunfire. A 16-year-old boy who was shot said that he did not even see the shooter or have the chance to see where the shots were even coming from.

    Of course, it probably won’t shock you to hear that the police do not actually have anyone in custody at the moment. They are not able to solve any of these crimes and it’s a saddening state of affairs. The teenagers who are getting shot at the moment are also unwilling to speak to the police about the parties who are responsible.

    This sword cuts in both directions, though. While we fully understand the fear that these teenagers feel, it is hard for the police to find out more when no one is willing to talk. The “stop snitching” ethos has taken over the whole city, causing children to clam up when they need to be speaking out. No one wants to tell the police anything because they are afraid of gang-related retribution.

    That’s one of the many reasons why things never change in these cities. Chicago just keeps on making excuses for the violence and their liberal leadership is all for it. They do not want to reckon with the root causes for the violence because it does not affect them on a daily basis like the rest of the city. They have the luxury (or the privilege, as it were) of pretending that these things do not happen.

    The “well-meaning” liberals who try their best to act like these things aren’t that bad are not the ones who are stuck living in a war zone every day. Some of the videos that we have seen from Chicago are downright terrifying. American citizens should never have to live in fear but that’s exactly what is happening here. The rest of the world is looking on and wondering what comes next.

    An Associated Press clip that we saw puts things into perspective. One citizen said that things are “getting scary” and these are the people whose viewpoints are minimized by the mainstream media. These outlets are in such a hurry to get their liberal woke points that they never stop to think about the toll that this violence takes.

    Maybe the police can help? That’s a pipe dream at this point and they are now too busy fighting with looters and protesters to do much of anything about what is going on. The protests are leading to lots of arrests but this amount of attention is only serving to detract from the true goal here: putting a stop to the violence once and for all.

    We wish the city well and pray that they can heal from all of the pain and suffering that they have experienced. The liberal mainstream media may use these stories as a means of virtue signaling but those who actually care are still paying close attention. Our hearts go out to the victims of Chicago gun violence.


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