Must See! Watch Mother’s Epic Take-Down of the DNC Telethon


    Conservative Momma is well known for her spoofs and take downs of the Democratic party. These videos are a breath of fresh air, she really tells it like it is. We’re still laughing at her parody video of what the Democrats wanted our schools to look like this fall. The video that she released on Wednesday might be her best one yet, though.

    The clip has the perfect tone for the occasion. The Democratic party has spent much of the convention complaining about the divisive tone that President Trump has taken, without taking any responsibility for their own actions. They want to be the party that brings the nation together but they are not doing anything to make that happen.

    Conservative Momma has taken notice and so have we. She’s not a fan of their plans to defund the police departments, either. This would not lead to the unity that they claim but they are not willing to listen to reason on that one either. This is supposed to be the party of “empathy” and “unity” but don’t stop to question how they have arrived at this conclusion.

    The statue toppling crowd is also roasted in this clip, deservedly so. Shaun King catches a few strays, as he was one of the main proponents for the removal of the religious statues that are supposed to be upholding white supremacy. The contrast between her expletive filled tirades about the issues that Democrats have been trying to position themselves at the forefront of and the gentle face they show the public is too funny.

    The Democrats love to act as if they are the tolerant ones but as Conservative Momma points out, that mentality does not extend to the unborn or anyone who does not share their political views. The Democrats are fine with inciting violence against anyone who has Trump signage in their yard or anyone who wears a MAGA hat in public.

    That doesn’t seem too tolerant from where we are sitting. If Republican voters were found to have attacked someone with a Biden-Harris bumper sticker, it would be framed as the hate crime of the century. The video builds until Conservative Momma arrives at the most common Democrat double standard.

    That’s right, she takes direct aim at the whole “Republicans and Trump will simply refuse to accept the results of the election” conspiracy that the Democrats are currently peddling. Mind you, this is the same party that won’t shut up about Russia and that’s before we get into the endless lies that Hillary Clinton has been telling since she lost the 2016 election.

    If the Democrats cannot accept the results of the 2016 election and Hillary is allowed to complain about it at every turn, they have a lot of nerve projecting this attitude onto their opposition. She’s speaking a lot of truth in this video and the leftists are not going to like it. They are too busy throwing their support behind this convention, regardless of what they are being told by other media sources.

    Conservative Momma has a knack for summing up the current discourse and the contrasts in the video are too funny. The media may be willing to carry the water for this party but the rest of the country is watching them with a great deal of skepticism. They know when they are being lied to, even when the Democrats are not willing to admit it.

    We always knew that this convention was going to be a real freak show and the Democratic party never disappoints us in this regard. Their lack of self awareness and willingness to contradict themselves at every turn leads to a lot of unintentional comedy. Conservative Momma has absolutely nailed it here. If you are anything like us, you are going to be sending this amazing tweet to all of the conservatives in your life. Now, THIS is what we call comedy.

    The Party of “unity,” and “empathy.”

    — Conservative Momma (@conmomma) August 19, 2020


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