Schumer’s Dangerous Step Too Far to the Left


    Chuck Schumer has always been seen as a centrist. However, as it’s looking right now, it may appear that the Senate will be led predominantly by Dems next year. The Dems have been stepping further and further to the left. The question is whether Chuck Schumer can be the majority leader that the left really wants.

    Well, it seems that Schumer has been getting groomed by Nancy Pelosi for a while now. The man who has spent four decades in Congress may be the first New Yorker and the first Jewish man to hold the position of Senate Majority Leader.

    The Dem has had to give up a lot to make the shift to the left that his party has demanded of him. While some still don’t trust him and his ties to Wall Street, he may be willing to take a leap of faith to give into the progressives.

    The Democratic Party has done a lot of shifting recently. There used to be a lot more who categorized themselves as centrists. However, the far left is a bunch of bullies – and as they see it, you’re either with us or against us. Chuck Schumer wasn’t about to give up four decades of politics, so he did what he felt he had to do.

    Most people would call Schumer a sell-out. That’s what he is, after all. However, he says that evolution is about looking at the needs of the people, and “the problems that existed, say in the ’90s, are different than the problems that exist today.”

    If the GOP is going to lose control of the Senate, it would be best to have a Dem Majority Leader who is more centrist than left. It ensures that both sides are heard completely. If the Majority Leader is a leftist, it means that if an idea isn’t completely progressive and absurd, it will be ignored entirely.

    If Chuck Schumer is going to take a dangerous leap to the left, it means that he’ll be focusing on a long list of issues that aren’t going to help the country as a whole. He says that one of his priorities is to improve democracy. However, the far left isn’t looking for democracy. Particularly as they allow Black Lives Matter and Antifa to rule, it appears that they’re more interested in totalitarianism. Let’s not forget about their constant push for socialism, too.

    Income and wealth inequality is another area he wants to focus on – and that’s where socialism is more likely to come into play. There will always be income and wealth inequalities. There are too many Dems who don’t want to work to live a better life. Instead, they want hand-outs. If we’re not careful, we’ll all be standing in bread lines by the end of next year.

    There are a lot of dangers that lie ahead if Biden wins and Chuck Schumer becomes the Majority Leader of the Senate. It could mean a more leftist angle for the Democratic Party than ever before – and it’s going to lead to more of a division between the two parties. Plus, there’s the fact that Biden and Schumer used to be colleagues in the Senate.

    All Biden would have to do is ask Schumer to eliminate the legislative filibuster – and that could be dangerous not only for the Republican Party but for politics moving forward within the country.

    The old Schumer, the one who used to infuriate the left, is no more. On many occasions of late, he has said that “nothing is off the table” when asked about what he may consider getting rid of. It appears that he has come to believe that he has to move left in order to hold his position. He’s making history to come into the position of Majority Leader – and if the Dems actually get the Senate majority as it’s looking like right now, it could spell big trouble for the U.S. over the next four years and beyond.


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