China Says It Has Been Injecting Workers with Coronavirus Vaccine Over a Month


    China is a known manipulator and cannot be trusted to provide reliable or factual information. For the past several years, they have been telling stories about how great they are.

    They try to give an honest front, but the reality is that they cheat and steal from other nations anytime they can. This is one reason President Trump killed the trade deal with them and started placing tariffs on them. They fooled Obama, but they could not fool President Trump.

    Their latest round of lies is coming out over the coronavirus. The Chinese maintain that they have a vaccine they have been using for their essential workers for several months. But so far there is no proof that it even exists. All they have claimed to have done is inject people with a substance that is supposedly a vaccine.

    These so-called essential workers have been getting shots since July. And so far, there have been no recorded positive effects from whatever they are shooting their people with. Their head of the National Health Commission is Zheng Zhongei, and he has been reluctant to say much about the vaccine.

    What appears to be happening is that the Chinese are trying to outpace the United States with the hope of getting a reliable vaccine to market. The whole virus pandemic is nothing more than a game to them. There is no compassion or concern about the people that have died from COVID-19.

    All of this started because the communist regime tried to act like they knew what they were doing, and it got away from them. They lied about the origin and outbreak, and now they are lying about a vaccine.

    It may very well be that the vaccine is just a dose of water being injected into the body—a placebo used to make people feel good about themselves.

    Zheng Could not come out and say how many people have been inoculated because it is possible that no one has been. One would think that if a vaccine existed, they would keep good records to show its effectiveness.

    One of the biggest lies that they have told is found in what Zheng stated, “Most cases in China now are imported, so border officials are a high-risk group.”

    He has led the world to believe that COVID-19 does not exist in China any longer. But when a country stops testing and reporting results, it can appear that all the cases have disappeared.

    Zheng also mentioned that “We’ve drawn up a series of plan packages, including medical consent forms, side-effects monitoring plans, rescuing plans, compensation plans, to make sure that the emergency use is well regulated and monitored.”

    Many people wonder if the vaccines from China are safe. They have killed so many people with their virus that trust is a thing of the past. They tell people they are safe, but when a country is known to kill people with injections for population control, no one wants their poison injected into their bodies.

    President Trump is all about keeping the American people safe. When he released his announcement that plasma treatment could happen inside the United States, it sent China into a tailspin.

    They no longer had a monopoly on the vaccine market. They had to realize for the first time that they were going to be beaten once again.

    Over 150 vaccines are being tested around the world. For China to all of a sudden announce that they have the cure is merely wishful thinking. They want to beat the world at the race for a cure to monopolize for maximum profits. The virus to them is a money maker.

    President Trump has seen to it that the United States is protected from nations like China. Their lies are harmful and can damage the country if they are allowed to infiltrate and influence the people.

    His promise in 2016 was to keep America safe and make the nation great, and that is precisely what he has done. There is no end in sight to the benefit of having him as president of the United States.


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