Joe Biden Won’t Condemn Kenosha Riots; Says Shooting Was Simply ‘Systemic Racism’


    The looters are getting out of control. In Wisconsin, a new round of looting has begun as reports ring out that a black man was shot by a cop. So why isn’t the looting being condemned?

    This would be a great time for Biden to take a stand. Let the country know that, if the Dems win, the civil unrest will come to an end. Instead, Biden chose to not only fail to condemn the looting but also add a bit of gasoline to the fire.

    Biden chose to call it systemic racism. On Twitter, he wrote, “Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others. We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism.”

    The problem is that it wasn’t systemic racism. The police attempted to use a Taser on the man. The police had already drawn their guns and given him a chance to stand down. He chose to go against them.

    He reached into his car, which is when he was shot. The police had no choice. They didn’t know what the man was reaching for. It could have been a gun, a grenade, or anything else that could have caused further injuries.

    When a black man is shot by a cop, it cannot always be blamed on systemic racism. The people who are breaking the law have to be held accountable for the laws that they break. The man could have easily gotten to his knees, placed his hands above his head, and given into the system. He chose to buck it, which is why he was shot.

    Throughout Kenosha, Wisconsin now, and beyond, there is looting as people want to mourn for the loss of Jacob Blake. Was it wrong that he was killed? Yes. Were seven shots in the back necessary? No. An investigation should absolutely be launched. However, looting has to be condemned.

    Every time that there is a shooting, there cannot be looting. What did the businesses in Kenosha do to deserve having their businesses being looted? Why should they have to bear the burden of one rogue cop?

    What’s happening in Kenosha is becoming a second Minneapolis, if not worse. The civil unrest has only been getting worse – and this is yet another Democratic leader in charge. The Dems simply don’t want to condemn the violence.

    It’s why the entire country has been looking at both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to say something…to do something. If they’re voted into the White House, are they going to do anything that will put the violence away? So far, they have not said anything about condemning the violence that erupts.

    If there is systemic racism found throughout various police departments, it will take time to take care of it. This means that there could be more shootings. There’s no way of knowing.

    A vote for Biden isn’t suddenly going to end the fact that, sometimes, innocent people get shot. And, it’s very possible that some of those getting shot could have saved their lives by obeying the police.

    This was Biden’s opportunity to offer his condolences to the man who died while also taking the time to condemn the looting. The looting and rioting aren’t solving anything. It’s not like the looting and rioting suddenly brought George Floyd back to life. It didn’t end systemic racism. It’s still there.

    The looting and the rioting have to be acknowledged by the Democratic leaders. Once acknowledged, it can be condemned.

    If Biden didn’t do it now, it won’t be done if he becomes president, either. That means that a vote for Biden is four more years of civil unrest – and no one wants to deal with that.

    Meanwhile, Trump sent in the National Guard to Kenosha to help calm the rioting. It’s the only way to ensure the city isn’t lost to the rioters once again like Seattle was just a few months ago.


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