Liberals in Los Angeles County Refuses to Let Ice Remove 25,000 Criminals


    The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, is the target of liberals everywhere. The American hating Democrats simply will not support any move to deport illegals from the country. Just about every illegal that has tried to sneak their way into the country has a criminal record. They just do not support or have any respect for the laws of the nation.

    Democrat-run cities have set their towns up to defy orders coming from ICE. They instruct and order law enforcement agencies not to cooperate with federal agents. In some cases, they are even told to create obstacles to keep ICE from finding the criminal.

    These liberals have sided with illegals and stand with them against the country. They support chaos and removal from the observance of law and order. In every city where liberals refuse to help ICE remove these people, crime has risen to astonishing levels.

    California is one of those states that simply refuses to cooperate. Never before has there been a political split in law enforcement in America to this level. The worst offender is the Democratic Sheriff Alex Villanueva in Los Angeles County. He refuses to acknowledge the orders from ICE agents to hold illegals for deportation.

    Villanueva has put his insane political affiliation of being a Democrat above doing what is right. He has refused over 25,000 different requests from ICE to surrender illegals. These are people with a known criminal record that are being protected by the police. For all practical purposes, this sheriff has violated his oath to serve and protect America’s people by siding with known illegals with criminal records.

    The LA County Sheriff simply releases the illegals back to the public so they can hide from ICE. By doing this action, he is blocking ICE from doing their job. His premise is because the facilities at ICE detention centers are not the best. But this is based on rumored information. He also thinks it will interfere in criminal investigations.

    This loony liberal stated that “There is no greater threat to public safety than a million undocumented immigrants who are afraid to report a crime, out of fear of deportation and having their families torn apart.” So now it is about keeping families together and not about criminal investigations or cell conditions. Liberals tell a lot of reasons why they will not cooperate.

    The 25,000 different orders so far refused are for 2020 alone. Villanueva came out and stated a contradictory fact when he said, “As the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, I am responsible for everyone’s public safety, regardless of immigration status. I will not allow an entire segment of the population to be afraid to report crimes to law enforcement and be forced, again, back into the shadows.” But he will allow illegals, which are not part of the country, rob, and murder United States citizens. He is violating his oath to serve and protect.

    There is no basis for the sheriff to keep ICE from doing their job except for political reasons. But even those reasons have no bearing on keeping people safe. He is hiding the enemy and, as a result, should be branded as a traitor and removed from being in law enforcement.

    ICE agent henry Lucero stated that “As a federal law enforcement agency, ICE supports all individuals reporting crimes regardless of immigration status in the United States. It’s very mind-boggling as a career law enforcement official that someone would implement this policy.”

    Democrats always have their reasons for being difficult. The loony sheriff has even used the coronavirus as a reason why he would not transfer criminals to ICE custody.

    ICE is not taking these actions without a fight. They have been showing up in force and even getting judicial warrants to go in and remove these people without the cooperation of local police.

    It will be the hateful actions of the Democrats towards the American people that will cost them the election. President Trump is set to win in November because he puts the people first. The people wanted a president that would not bow to peer pressure. They want someone who would do what is right. And that is why President Trump sits in the office today.


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