Crowds of Fascists Bully People at Restaurants: ‘White Silence Is Violence’


    The very idea of seeking persecution is not something that would be at the top of a person’s to-do list. Having someone or several people persecuting another is just not an activity that should be sought out by any group. But that is precisely what members of Black Lives Matter are doing. They are going around and harassing people with the hopes of starting a fight so they can cry racism again.

    White silence is violence protesters chant #dcprotest #dcprotests #blmprotest #ACAB #blm #Blacklivesmatter #JacobBlake #KenoshaProtests

    — RawsMedia (@rawsmedia) August 25, 2020

    Protestors all over the country have to drum up their own issues so they can stage their riots. Several videos have surfaced showing idiotic protestors walking around Washington, D.C. bugging people, and trying to agitate them enough to say something or do something violent. The purpose behind their actions shows that they are desperately trying to do the bidding of their Democratic masters.

    The control of the harassed is simply amazing. They really never raise a fist or give the thugs what they want. It just goes to show that people are tired of the childish actions of the Democrats and their people. Every day people are getting on with their lives and ignoring the fussy babies looking for attention.

    Protesters says people who don’t raise there fist is a white supremact #dcprotest #dcprotests #blmprotest #ACAB #blm #Blacklivesmatter #JacobBlake#KenoshaProtests #KenoshaUprising

    — RawsMedia (@rawsmedia) August 25, 2020

    These videos show protestors getting in people’s faces and yelling at them. At this point, they can no longer be called protestors, but rather rioters. The very thought of them trying to provoke a response so they can violently retaliate sickens people to the point of despair.

    The cry of self-proclaimed oppressed is “white silence is violence.” Their concept of patience and self-control is lacking. The patrons were trying to enjoy a peaceful evening out while obeying CDC rules to contain COVID-19, and these rioters getting close and yelling shows contempt for the seriousness of social distancing.

    One of the women that were yelled at is seen telling the pathetic little man something. At that point, the man goes ballistic and gets right down in her face and screams “no justice, no peace.” As if this woman did something to this man’s ancestors or his family.

    Restaurant goers raise their fist in solidarity with DC Protesters after reading of facts on Jacob Blake. #DCProtests #JusticeForJacobBlake

    — ChuckModi (@ChuckModi1) August 25, 2020

    BLM inte to create violence whenever they can. All they need is a reason to start in with their riots. The issues that have transpired in Kenosha and other cities are the reasons that they look forward to happening.

    Alaina Gertz is the spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Department. She stated that “If any individual feels threatened or in a dangerous situation in the District of Columbia, they should immediately call 911 so an officer can respond to the incident.” The last that needs to happen is for a person to pop off at the mouth and start a local incident.

    Lauren B. Victor was the BLM attack victim, and she stated that “I felt I was under attack.

    In the moment, it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t actually frightened. I didn’t think they’d do anything to me. I’m very much with them. I’ve been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks.”

    But these actions show that there is nothing or no one that BLM will not attack. They even attack their own people. The only thing that they are interested in is getting free stuff. They want what others have because they are too lazy to earn those things on their own.

    The insane actions of the protestors simply do not make sense. Never before in human history has a person been accused of being a racist for not putting their fist in the air. The very thought of peaceful people being accused of being violent is unthinkable. BLM is taking things to a new fierce level. At some point, they are going to turn into a terrorist regime.

    President Trump has already branded them as a danger to the American people. He will not tolerate the continued actions of such a whiny group of nobodies roaming around hurting people. This is the reason why Operation Legend exists. It is to keep people from damaging and destroying innocent people. President Trump will win in November because America’s people are tired of the Democratic favoritism that they give to criminals and lazy people.


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