Democratic Failure to Stop Riots Still Plagues Them Today


    Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis must have been smacked in the side of the head by President Trump to get him to activate the National Guard to stop the violence still flooding the city.

    This sad little mayor just cannot seem to get the crime under control after supporting the violent crowd destroying his city. But now the vomit of his choice is clinging to his clothing, reminding him that crime will never pay or work out the way one thinks it will.

    Frey is tired of the violence, or at least he says that he is. This may just be a ploy to gain votes as he comes up for reelection. He has taken steps to activate the National Guard and institute a curfew on the city. So once again, people have to suffer because Democrats cannot do what needs to be done at the start of violent outbreaks.

    If Frey had stopped the violence the day it started, he would not be facing these issues now. But his said little speech would fall on deaf ears. He squeaked out that “What we’re calling for right now is peace. What we’re calling for right now is for people to return to their homes.”

    Frey is assuming that these people even live in his city. The order is so strict that people are being told to leave the downtown area as the National Guard moves in. He is setting up a war zone.

    The Police Chief went on to say that “This is not an officer-related incident. We’re compounding more tragedy by the destruction and folks wanting to do harm to our communities in our downtown sector this evening. This is my city. We will not tolerate that.”

    The fake news media reports that all of the violence is because of the George Floyd killing. But all of that is old news now. It is more about doing what is right in one’s own eyes. These people continue to look for ways to cause trouble.

    The last round of violence started when a man committed suicide just as the police showed up. The police never touched him, but it was enough to cause the rioting crowd to go off into a frenzy once again. They act like a bunch of wild dogs looking for their next victim to eat.

    The news calls all of these riots “protests.” But when they turn violent, they are technically illegal and unlawful assemblies. The list just seems to go and on as each regional group of killers and terrorists look for any reason to engage the police.

    But now they are going to have to deal with the National Guard. These men and women carry better weapons and are not afraid to use them when the time comes.

    Black Lives Matter and other such groups no longer care about people getting killed. They are more interested in making their five minutes of fame on the local news. They all set their recording devices, hoping to record themselves on television before returning to their beds each night.

    The latest round of violence seems to have been set up as one man pulled a gun and shot himself in the head. Before he pulled the trigger, it was as if he was looking around to make sure that people were watching and ready to engage the police when they showed up in force. But what happened was the exact opposite. People ran for their lives.

    All the rioters could do at that point was make up fake stories and spread them around the social media sites with the hopes of inciting a riot. They got their wish as the worthless thugs took to the streets for another night of looting and terrorizing people.

    President Trump warned every liberal leader to stop the riots before they get too far out of hand. But they ignored and even bashed his warning as they acted like arrogant fools too full of pride to admit they needed help. After months of terror and crime, Frey finally has to agree with the president and use the National Guard to stop the crime.


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