The NY Times Twisted a Video Shown at the RNC to Suit Their Liberal Readers…Here’s the Truth


    The liberal left-leaning media has a distinct habit of pushing the envelope to extreme levels. They’ll say anything to support their radical agendas, and unfortunately, their gullible readers will swallow every word of the misinformation they print.

    Leading the pack of these propaganda spreading news sources is the NY Times. Considered as a reputable news agency by their huge left-wing fan base, the Times seizes every opportunity to further corrupt and destroy the truth.

    Their latest attempt was directed at a video shown during the RNC which featured some honest testimonies from four residents of NYC. The Times has claimed these speakers were swindled into appearing. That they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

    But those who tuned into the convention are smart enough to realize, this most definitely was not the case. They were not forced to read from scripted texts prepared for them by speechwriters, and they were not filmed under false pretenses.

    The speakers were cordially invited to state their stances in their own words concerning how Donald Trumps America has benefited them. They spoke from their hearts and they told nothing but the whole truth.

    Lynn Patton, the head of NYC’s Housing and Urban Developing division, along with the four invited residents, were shown in a video saying how their lives have become a nightmare from hell under the rule of Democrat Mayor DeBlasio. The Mayor’s devil may care attitude has all but destroyed any and all advancements that were previously made.

    Collectively they praised how Donald Trump has been addressing their concerns. But the Times labeled this segment as fake, saying Patton had tricked them and how the residents had no idea the video would be used for the purposes it was.

    The Times sought out these residents and spoke with them. “I am not a Trump supporter,” said Claudia Perez. “I am not a supporter of his racist policies on immigration.’’

    Three of the four tenants said they opposed President Trump and were misinformed concerning the video’s intended use. But the fourth, and this is where the controversy arises, said she backed Trump and had been fully informed about the purpose of the video.

    It would logically seem, since they were all at the same place, and at the same time, when the video was produced, that if one knew, they all knew. It would be difficult to assume otherwise, and because of this, we have no choice other than to label the Times ‘supposed’ interviews as fake, or at the very least, coercive in nature.

    Or perhaps, after the friends and neighbors of the four women saw the video, there was push back which caused three of them to backtrack on the truth they had previously offered. They may have felt in danger. Either way, at the time the video was made, they spoke honestly, and their words were in no way scripted.

    One of the residents, Claudia Quinones had said in no uncertain terms how DeBlasio, ‘’has made our lives here, and I think in every housing development, very uncomfortable.”

    Another resident, Claudia Perez, the same person who later supposedly told the Times she did not support the president, praised Trump in the video by saying how Trump and HUD ‘’were bringing real solutions to a real problem.’’ She went on to say how she was “very appreciative of this administration”.

    It was also mentioned how the administration, under the direction of Lynne Patton, has been receiving funding as a result of the federal offices. ‘’Under the Trump administration, the New York City Housing Authority has received an influx of cash that it had not seen since 1997.’’

    So, the obvious question is, who are you going to believe? The residents who gave an honest account of how the Trump administration has helped their lives become better, or the flailing NY Times whose habit it is of twisting the truth to better suit their liberal readers?

    It’s a rhetorical question. Trump 2020.


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