California Has Completely Collapsed…Here’s What Happened


    The liberal Democrats that control California have set to it to destroy the beautiful state. They cannot accept that the millions of people who call it home have prospered and pushed America ahead of all other nations for years.

    Their insane policies and attempts to control the people have only led to many of them wanting to flee the state. California has become another example of a failed socialist state.

    People are leaving in droves, just like the refugees fleeing other failed socialist countries around the world. California is a failure because the nasty liberals that control it are determined to punish the people for the prosperity and freedoms that come with being an American.

    For the past ten years, the Democrats have run the state into the ground. The ignorant liberals in control cannot even maintain an environment that would be conducive to growth. They would instead turn off the power with the hopes of putting out wildfires. They would rather punish people for turning on their air conditioners than build new power plants and infrastructure.

    Arizona is becoming the new highlight of the nation as Californians are flocking to the region. A desert region is transforming into the new technology capital of the world.

    Governor Newsom cannot even fathom the exodus that is happening around him. He is so narrowed sighted that he cannot even solve the energy issues facing the state. He stated that his solution was to shut off power to more people. He said, “We failed to predict and plan these shortages. And that’s simply unacceptable.”

    Instead of making changes to plan for future outages, he pulls the plug and forces more people to leave the state. California has a lot to offer the world as the fifth largest economy in the world. But the Democrats have one mission: to destroy the benefit of having the state in existence.

    One by one, Newsom has shut down power plants that were fueled by coal and other fossil fuels. He has also made a move to shut down the nuclear power plants within the next couple of years.

    He plans to turn the state into a horse and a buggy environment. That may be what he wants for the state, but the people leaving do not wish to live under those conditions.

    His actions are typical of all Democrats. They do not listen to the people that elected them to serve in politics. They get into power and do whatever they want. The people are left helpless to remove them. Their only hope is to elect another person to fix the problems that their last choices had made.

    The homeless problem is another reason so many people are leaving the state. Newsom has allowed the homeless to overrun places such as San Francisco to the point that there are homeless camps all over the city. The area has become an accurate picture of what life will be like under socialism.

    Newsom would let the homeless invade hotels and destroy that industry that so many people have come to rely on for their family vacations to California. Newsom has only pushed tourism to the dumps.

    The final blow to the citizens of the state came at the hands of the coronavirus. It was not the virus that killed the state, but the ridiculous push of the liberals to keep people locked up in their homes.

    The inability of people to work has only led to an increase in the homeless population. Democrats want to push people to rely on them for food and water.

    The only hope for the state is to push the Democrats out of power. The state will recover only if it adopts the same policies that President Trump uses for the rest of the nation to promote growth and recovery from the pandemic.

    President Trump has promised prosperity and recovery for the country. His 2020 campaign is precisely what people want to see in their next president. Joe Biden has denied people the right to peace and safety. He has plans to defund the police.

    But President Trump has the objective to empower and fully fund the police once he wins reelection in November.


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