Why Pelosi Shunned COVID Restrictions all for a Shampoo and Style


    Pelosi has angered Dems everywhere all because she wanted to get a shampoo and style. In San Francisco, there are COVID restrictions that have kept spas closed. But, Pelosi wanted her hair done and didn’t care about the COVID restrictions.

    One stylist received a text from Pelosi’s assistant, requesting a time to come in for a wash and blow-out.

    Pelosi is seen walking through the salon with no facemask. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that her stylist is wearing a black face mask.

    The salons throughout San Francisco have been closed since March. Countless people throughout the Bay Area would love to get their hair done, yet they can’t. Many say that it’s a “slap in the face” that Pelosi has done this.

    Salons were just notified on September 1 that they can reopen, but only for outdoor hairstyling services. It’s clear that Pelosi’s hair appointment was conducted inside, at the Speaker’s request.

    The owner of the salon rents out chairs. One of her stylists contacted her to say that she would be in at 2:45 on Monday. Rather than staying silent, the salon owner knew she had to speak out about this. “I am sharing this because of what everyone in my industry and my city … is going through right now.”

    The salon owner, Erica Kious, said that she cannot control what her stylists do since they only rent chairs from her, and they’re not paying at this time. She said that “It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work.”

    The fact that Pelosi wasn’t wearing a mask was a problem, too. All over the country, masks are required. Even in areas where salons are open, a person must wear a mask throughout the entire appointment.

    This is the Speaker of the House, the second in line should something happen to the President. We’re supposed to be looking up to her because she’s supposed to be setting an example. However, the COVID requirements are only for the peons. When it comes to getting her hair washed and blown dry, she’ll do what it takes, including breaking the rules.

    Nancy Pelosi also requested that her hair be blown dry. According to coronavirus safety precautions in California, “you’re not supposed to blow dry hair,” says Kious.

    Pelosi clearly didn’t think about the repercussions. She was focused on her own beauty standards instead of what it would mean for her to go in and break the rules. Kious says, ““We have been shut down for so long, not just me, but most of the small businesses and I just can’t – it’s a feeling – a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten down.”

    Meanwhile, Drew Hammill, a spokesperson for Pelosi said that she was following the rules “presented to her by this establishment.” Except, the owner of the salon calls BS on that. As a Representative for the state of California, Pelosi knew the rules. However, she demanded special treatment because of her position in the government. She knew that having her hair done inside of a salon was against the rules but she pushed for it anyway.

    Kious also has a few choice things to say about San Francisco. She comments that everyone is fleeing because of the politics happening. The homeless population is everywhere, and they’re defecating across the city. “It has gotten so extreme. It is so night and day from what it was a year ago, that everyone is fleeing.”

    You know this is the district that Nancy Pelosi is over. Homeless defecating in the street. This is what Nancy Pelosi has allowed while she sits in DC to argue with Trump. This is what a Dem-run nation would look like – hypocritical and filled with $hit.


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