Awkward! Biden Pledges Money That the Dems Just Took Away


    Biden is getting desperate. He’ll tell the American people anything they want to hear in order to get the votes. The problem is that he is saying the opposite of what most of the liberals have been saying.

    So, it’s hard to believe Biden.

    Most of his party is all about defunding the police. However, during an interview following a speech that he gave in Pittsburgh on Monday, he not only voiced his support but also promised to give more money to the police departments.

    He told local news station KDKA, “Let’s get the facts straight, I not only don’t want to defund the police. I want to add $300 million to their local budgets to deal with community policing to get police and communities back together again.”

    Where is the $300 million going to come from and how will that be divided up across the nation? Well, Biden doesn’t have answers for that. He’s acting like the typical, fiscally irresponsible Democrat, promising money without knowing where it will come from.

    $300 million really isn’t that much money when you think about the countless police departments across the country unless that $300 million is being dedicated solely to Pittsburgh since that’s where he was when he made this promise.

    Then, because Biden was caught on the spot, he tends to make up lies to make himself look better. He pointed the finger, saying that President Trump is defunding the police at the moment.

    The only one cutting the police budgets are in Dem-led cities. Trump has been urging cities not to cut their budgets and has volunteered to send in federal aid. Biden is on the wrong side of the war of defunding the police and, now, he wants to make up lies so that he can get plenty of the votes come Election Day.

    It seems that Biden doesn’t seem to get any of it. There are countless accusations of racial inequality in the justice system and the U.S. being called a racist country. Biden addresses this with, “No, but racism has to be dealt with. It’s a very small minority of people.”

    If it’s only a small minority of people, why is the Dem-led city of Portland requiring white employees to go through diversity training that basically talks about letting go of white privilege?

    Biden may need to spend more time out of his basement because he doesn’t have a clear grasp of what his party has been doing over the past few months. The Dems have been screaming about racism for months, burning cities and precincts down to promote police defunding, and more.

    Everything that Biden is currently talking about is against everything that the Democratic Party has been fighting for. He says that he’s a liberal, so why isn’t he suddenly taking the liberal approach to all of this?

    It sounds like a bunch of empty promises. He has seen that he’s dropping in the polls, so he’s realizing that the ultra-left approach isn’t working. So, he’ll talk about going against defunding the police and donating more money to the police departments.

    Where does he really stand? How are we supposed to believe anything that he has to say? He flip-flops on all of the major issues that it’s hard to know. And even if we do believe him, what’s to say that the left-leaning Dems won’t convince him to go back on his word once he gets into the White House?

    The reality is that Biden has said on several occasions that he believes that some of the money needs to be funneled away from police departments for such things as mental health and officer training. Further, he wants to set up grants to police departments – but if they don’t get rid of such things as a chokehold, they won’t get the grants.

    Tell us, Biden, how are the police supposed to defend themselves? Before you go talking about how you want to increase funding for the police, go clear it with your puppet masters.


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