122 Illegals Taken Down in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Montana During ICE Operation


    ICE is keeping Americans safe from illegals with a criminal record. Their last raid across Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana netted 122 illegals preying on the American people. These society killers have active criminal records, and they are hiding among the people hoping to be overlooked by ICE agents.

    Bryan Wilcox is the acting field office director for the Salt Lake City office. He stated that “The aliens targeted during this operation preyed on women, children, and men in our communities, committing serious crimes and, at times, repeatedly harming their victims.

    By focusing our efforts on abusers, we can prevent future victimization from occurring.” ICE is more concerned with the safety of actual citizens than making a political wave.

    Democrats all over the country hate ICE. They have branded them as enemies. The liberals would instead support the illegals committing crimes than take a stand for law and order. If every liberal politician endorsed the president’s actions, every illegal in the country would have been sent home by now.

    But they would instead protect the illegals and side with violent thugs than do the right thing and turn them over to ICE. Liberals have set up sanctuary cities to keep ICE from finding those they are looking for.

    It is in these cities where crime has tripled, and violence is spiking. But when ICE moves through and finds the crime bosses, people are at least a little safer than they were the night before.

    Many of the people taken by ICE had criminal records. They were wanted for things like sex abuse of a child, drug and reentry charges, illegal firearm possession and assault, lewdness charges in front of a minor, murder, and many other violent charges. But these are the types of people that the Democrats are trying to protect by keeping ICE from doing their lawful job.

    ICE takes on criminal illegals and other national security threats that threaten people every single day. Any person that is in the country illegally is a suspect and target of ICE. Any violation of the immigration laws puts the person on the removal radar of ICE. They are subject to arrest and detention until they can be placed on a plane with a one-way ticket back home.

    But there is no partiality with ICE. They do not show favorites are target select groups of people. Any person in the United States is subject to removal. Wilcox added that “Behind each one of these arrests is the story of a victim who has suffered abuse, battery upon a spouse or sexual assault, among other heinous crimes. By focusing our efforts on these abusers, we’re doing our part to help families, even during this pandemic.”

    People need to know that they are safe, living in America. There is some fear that illegals are secretly taking over the country with the help of the Democrats. ICE is the one agency that puts a massive hole in their plan. This is one reason why ICE is an enormous target of liberals.

    ICE has a code by which they operate. They have a national hotline that legal family members can call and check up on their removed loved ones. They also operate under their own directive 10076.1, which says, “Certain Victims, Witnesses, and Plaintiffs, ICE should exercise all appropriate prosecutorial discretion to minimize any effect that immigration enforcement may have on the willingness and ability of victims, witnesses, and plaintiffs to call police and pursue justice.” Anyone that has a complaint or believes they were treated unlawfully can pursue legal action.

    ICE has done an honest job of keeping America safe. In 2019 alone, one report showed that they removed illegals that had a collective record of “1,900 convictions and charges for homicide, 1,800 for kidnapping, 12,000 sex offenses, 5,000 sexual assaults, 45,000 assaults, 67,000 crimes involving drugs, 10,000 weapons offenses, and 74,000 DUIs.”

    These are the people that the Democrats want for neighbors. They protect the criminals and blame all the crime increase on law-abiding people. Joe Biden and Harris will destroy the country if elected. President Trump is the only hope for the continuation of freedoms in America.


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