Newsom Deliberately Sabotaged the States Reopening Plan


    Gavin Newsom has a hidden political agenda that he has placed in the way he is handling the reopening of California. His “simplified” way of opening the state is full of hidden agenda items. Things that are not being said or caught that will keep the state on a perpetual lockdown. This tiering system is supposed to allow counties to open, but it will keep them locked up tight because of Newsom’s pandemic fear.

    The sad governor stated that the color-coded ranking system would not start until each county meets a certain level of cases per resident count and a set positivity rating. And he has allowed himself to reverse all progress everywhere if hospitals in the state are overrun with patients. This is his escape clause.

    The hidden item of concern that this lying governor has alluded about involves a level of “equity.” This little word that is going to cause a hard reopening sets points in the progress to reopen. This means if a county did meet up with the set standard, it could not reopen. There is little discussion about these points of interest.

    Dr. Mark Ghaly stated that “Because CA is focused on equity because so many of our disproportionately impacted populations work in so many of the business sectors that are beginning to see increased numbers of patrons…thereby increasing potential exposure risk for those essential workers that have been disproportionately impacted, it has been an important part of our entire framework to focus on equity.”

    What this means is that Newsom is going to use a socialist mindset to reopen the state. The threat to everyone must be gone. It must benefit the body as a whole for reopening to happen. He does admit that he and the others that are putting this Newsom menace plan in place is not even ready.

    He said, “Adding an equity framework is our intention. We had hoped it would be ready and I could share it with you. We aren’t quite there yet. We want to make sure that we get good input from not just our state and county partners, but also from community partners who have been working with us all along on decreasing disparities and focusing on equity.”

    They do not even know what it is that they want to do. So, they are going to drag their feet in implementing the reopening plan, and they will put in place a system that will keep it from happening in the first place. Newsom and Ghaly sound very much like uneducated doctors back in March that were making statements of certainty when they really had no idea what they were talking about.

    The idea of tracing and tracking people that have been in contact with sick people is a prelude to microchipping people so their health can be monitored. No one wants to be watched or cataloged by their government at any level.

    Newsom is complicating the reopening plan so much that no one will navigate it enough to reopen fully. The danger also remains that he could kill the entire process is a few hospitals get full. And nothing is stopping him from merely inventing news or cases to keep his wicked plan of a lockdown in place for a long time to come.

    Some of the data that Newsom is using is racially founded. This means that the percentages that he is using are coming from one sector of people. But as a socialist, he wants to make sure that all parts of the population are kept under his thumb.

    If one nationality of people continues to get sick, then everyone in the state will suffer at his weak hand. He has set himself up as a god in California.

    President Trump was right in letting the governors decide for their own states. At some level, these wicked liberal governors are merely keeping people locked down so they can hurt the economy and simply make the president look terrible. But so far, nothing that they have done has crippled the country because the president has put in place things to keep that from happening.


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