Wife Sharing is a Fantasy of More Conservatives Than Liberals, But…


    Jerry Falwell Jr. recently resigned as head of the prestigious Liberty University amid allegations he has been sitting in a corner watching his wife getting down and dirty with their pool boy. According to all reports, this menage aux Trois, minus the Trois, has been going on for years.

    This practice, known as “cuckolding,” is not as uncommon as one might think, but mostly, it’s just a fantasy which in reality seldom plays out. According to neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, co-authors of the book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” cuckolding is the number one search term used on porn sites.

    Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at Kinsey Institute, in conducting research for his book, “Tell me What You Want,” studied the sexual fantasies of 4,175 Americans all across the country. One of the topics he asked these people about was cuckolding.

    Of the heterosexual men he interviewed, 52% of them admitted to having fantasized about watching their spouse romping in the sack with another man, and of those, 30% said it was a frequent fantasy. Interestingly, more Republican men thought about it than Democrats, although Democrats were more likely to follow through.

    A greater number of Republican mean also fantasized about swinging, infidelity, voyeurism, and a massive array of other “taboo” sexual practices. And just as before, more Democrat men were likely to greenlight their thoughts than Republicans.

    Sex therapist Jack Morin stated how if something is classified as off-limits, human nature makes us want to do it all that much more. The risk factor alone can increase the intensity and pleasure of what we are not supposed to do. And as odd as this might sound, the thought of being caught in the act intensifies the pleasure to an even greater extent.

    The reason for Republican men being in the largest group of fantasizers is because traditionally, conservatives have more restrictions placed on their lives. Their list of “can’t do’s and don’ts,” is longer than that of most liberals. Conservatives’ Christian values are much more prohibitive. But, this is not to be considered a bad thing.

    We’re all human, and even though the very thought of cuckolding is not even supposed to enter the minds of conservative men, from time to time, it’s going to.

    Based on logic, if a guy decides to share his wife with another guy, it violates the idea of what masculinity is supposed to represent. Many of those on right feel that to follow through on this fantasy would be to give up their power and control. The term “cuckservative” is sometimes used when referring to any man on the right who caves into the liberal idea.

    Men on the right side of the fence are very strongly in favor of their individual freedoms, provided they don’t violate the unwritten laws of tradition. However, on the left side of things, breaking traditions is par for the course. It’s what they live for.

    If we look at the controversy regarding wearing face masks, more conservatives view this as a violation of their rights, while liberals would wear a complete body mask if there was such a thing. This goes back to the premise of how liberals are more likely to act things out than conservatives are.

    Sexual fantasies are sexual fantasies, period, and whether or not men are supposed to have them or not, they’re going to. The difference is whether they are acted on or not. Jerry Falwell Jr. was the exception to the rule in that he leaned too far to the left and allowed liberal viewpoints to weaken his moral fibers, and it got the better of him. Allegedly, that is.

    So while based on our political affiliations, the content and extent of our sexual fantasies may differ from what we actually allow to happen in our bedrooms, our desires and thoughts are not that much different.


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