Could Biden Really Be Considering Dropping Out of Debates?


    Undoubtedly, the answer to the question in the title is a resounding YES. However, as the now officially scheduled debates are a mere few weeks away, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s too late to back out now. Besides, we all know just how bad that will look to Biden fans and supporters, as well as all his opponents.

    But it might look just as bad, if not worse, to have the gaffe king go through with the debates. As it stands right now, former vice president Joe Biden can hardly make it through a ten-minute scripted interview from the confines of his basement without making some word error or falling completely into incoherent mumblings.

    While President Trump makes several press briefings a day and conducts interviews after a tedious meeting, Biden’s campaign has pretty much kept him out of the public eye since the coronavirus pandemic began. Of course, they use the excuse of social distancing and the need to stay healthy, but we all know the truth: he is a liability to himself at this point.

    Even Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that she’d rather not see him debate President Trump.

    But, as I said, it’s a little late now.

    Then again, Biden’s staff isn’t so dumb as to not be able to find a way to get out of the debates and not look as though he’s too weak or unstable to hold his own against Trump.

    And adding a “live fact-check” crawler to the debates might just be the trick.

    On Wednesday, Biden, undoubtedly at the urging of his campaign staff, proposed adding a live “fact-checker” to the bottom of the screen on the debates. This would, supposedly, allow an unbiased group to fact check each statement made by the candidates and let the audience know whether it held any validity.

    According to Biden, it would level the playing field a bit as Trump tells “multiple lies” all the time.

    The topic arose after Biden was asked in an interview about how he was preparing for the upcoming debates. His response was this:

    “Well… I’ve begun to prepare by uh… by uh… going over what the President has said and the multiple lies he’s (chuckles) he’s told… What I would love to have is a crawler at the bottom of the screen, a fact-checker, you know, when we speak. If we really wanted to do something I think that would make a great, great debate. If everything both of us said was instantly fact-checked by an agreed-to group of people out there, that we move forward, but that probably wouldn’t get very far in the debate.”

    Now, obviously, this is not something that President Trump will likely be too keen about having added to the debates, as the media is continually trying to prove that he has lied about something or another. But that is likely precisely the point.

    If Biden can propose a new format for the debates that he knows Trump will not agree to, then, when Trump does, in fact, deny the proposal, Biden can be justified in saying that he won’t participate. It will make him look as though he is just trying to do the honorable thing, while Trump is trying to hide behind his lies. After all, no one would blame Biden for wanting an honest debate.

    Then again, Biden hasn’t exactly been known for his honesty either. Take the time he lied about being arrested with Nelson Mandela in South Africa when he was a senator. Or any of the other times Biden said he had been arrested, which is a few. And then what about his claim that he didn’t know anything about Michael Flynn’s case?

    I could go on and on, but, for your sake, I will not. The point is, Biden could be caught in just as many lies as he claims Trump will be, probably, even more, considering where the former vice president’s mind has been recently and the many liberties he seems to take when speaking nowadays.

    Plus, can you imagine all the blunders that would be made without a script in Biden’s hand, and knowing that his every word would be verified for validity? Talk about nonsensical. Hell, maybe Trump should go for it. Biden’s likely to be in trouble in either case.


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