The Biden Campaign Desperation Turns to a 15-Year-Old Instagrammer for Help


    The Biden campaign has been getting increasingly desperate. Now, they have turned to a 15-year-old on Instagram for help. The account was originally known as @TeamJoeBiden accumulating over 85,000 followers since April. What the Biden campaign may be forgetting is that 15-year-olds can’t vote yet.

    However, desperation knows no bounds. The Biden campaign wants to improve its online presence, so they took over the Instagram account – which has now been changed to @VoteJoe.

    Instagram isn’t where the most political savvy spends its time. In fact, the demographic can be as low as 13. As for the number of followers that are even of legal voting age, it’s hard to say.

    According to Sarah J. Galvez, the Director of Social and Audience Development for the Biden campaign, the reason for acquiring the account was due to the focus on digital advertising. They want more shareable content and they want to be able to start conversations more effectively online. The biggest problem is that they may actually be having a conversation with those who cannot vote.

    The Biden campaign wants to make it look impressive – after all, they have an account with 94,000 followers. However, that doesn’t mean that there are going to be 94,000 new votes for Joe Biden come November. The 15-year-old Joe Biden fan started the account – and likely had friends join to get it started.

    The Biden campaign may be emphasizing social media, but they have been struggling with technology. Considering that many of the speeches and presentations have had audio and visual glitches, it’s not something that they can hide.

    Combine that with Biden’s inability to speak coherently or make a speech without a Teleprompter and it’s no wonder that the campaign is even allowing him to make appearances anymore.

    Galvez says, “What we’ve seen blowing up in places both in and outside of politics is a focus on shareable content.” Is she new to the concept of social media? Yeah, shareable content is what social media is all about. Memes and videos go viral all the time. She says that “as a result of COVID, we’re having these political conversations online.” Nope, wrong again. People have been having political conversations online even before COVID came into play.

    As we listen more and more to what Galvez is saying, it’s clear that even she doesn’t understand social media and technology. Biden’s campaign is failing online because the Director of Social and Audience Development doesn’t understand the tools that are being used. Taking over an Instagram account doesn’t help. Especially when that account was created by someone who isn’t even of voting age.

    Come on, with all of the money that the Biden campaign has raised in the past year, it’s surprising that they can’t do better.

    As for whether the 15-year-old was paid for handing over his account, it’s unknown. It would be comical to see what the real demographics of the followers are – the Biden campaign is all excited about these tens of thousands of followers, but it’s all about shareable content and starting a conversation. If Galvez really thinks they have tapped into something unique, the Biden campaign truly is doomed.

    It’s sad, really. Biden would be the oldest president we’ve ever had. At 77 years old, it’s hard to prove that he’s relevant. Too many of the younger generations can hear it in his voice and in his speeches that he’s not up on the latest and greatest tech. And then, when the campaign gets an Instagram account from a 15-year-old, it shows that he’s really out of touch with it all.

    Who knows, maybe it will help. Then again, maybe it’s the Dems being shady again. Maybe they’ve figured out a way to get some of those mail-in ballots into the hands of 15 and 16-year olds. After all, the Dems have to figure out some way to defeat Trump, even if it means cheating.


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