Newsom Admits His Insanity and Willingness to Physically Attack His Opposition


    The sad socialist Governor Gavin Newsom has announced for everyone to hear that he is fed up with people not believing in climate change. His reason stems from how he is currently feeling about the current condition of the state. His biggest problem is the fire that is consuming the state.

    He stated that “We’re just entering into fire season this year. The largest fire season we’ve had in recent recorded history. Extreme fire events that we believe are climate-induced.” His statement shows that he does not understand how the climate works in California.

    There are periods of rain and dry spells in many of the areas where fires are burning things. But those fires are necessary for the land’s health as it consumes the brush that he refuses to remove. It also allows for certain types of plants to grow from the seeds that need the fire to release them from their hardened shells.

    His worldview that is shaped by his feelings is a dangerous way to the governor. He stated that “I have no patience for climate-change deniers. It’s inconsistent with the reality on the ground, the facts.” The data that he refers to is skeptical at best. The data shows that the earth is going through a warming phase. But the globe does this every several hundred years or so. It is the way that it keeps itself healthy.

    Newsom cannot bring himself to admit that he has no idea on how to fight these wildfires. He is too prideful to ask for federal help. Last year he blamed the fires on people using their air conditioners. So, he had them all shutoff in an attempt to stop the fires.

    And now they are being caused by wildfires. He stated, “All these things are connected,” he said. “Obviously, these weather events have put a lot of pressure on our electrical system. We have put historic pressure on our grid.”

    He thinks that the energy being consumed is adding to the warming temperatures of the earth. This is the reason why he is shutting down all the power plants in California without any plan on building newer facilities to handle the growing needs of power in the state.

    Newsom acts like he hates his job. It may never have occurred to him that people hate him too. He complains about the fires, the energy usage, the wind speed, and many other things out of his control. He no longer has the drive needed to fix problems in the state. The only thing he has done has made things worse for people.

    The DWP Board of Water and Power Commission President is Cynthia McClain-Hill. She stated that “As I speak, there continues to be … those who are without power and that is something that this department sincerely regrets. We had crews that were out, as I understand it, doing 16-hour shifts. … Every single resource that this department has and every resource that we could beg, borrow, or steal was dedicated toward addressing this crisis.”

    All the power workers are doing the best they can to keep people’s power on. The problem is that Newsom keeps reducing the amount of energy available to everyone. At some point, there will be people who will lose it permanently because there will not be enough to go around.

    But Newsom is fed up with the trouble. His statement that he is fed up with those that deny climate change is nothing more than a liberal threat. The first person he comes across who does not believe in the science will suffer under his wrath. And in a socialist run state, there is no telling what he will get away with doing to that person.

    The answer to the problems that he is facing is for him to resign. California needs a Republican to take over and, with the support of a Republican legislature, fix the problems that Newsom has created. At that time, the state population will realize that Democrats destroy people’s lives while Republicans build them up.


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