Dumb Libs Start Massive Wildfire Outside of Los Angeles During ‘Gender Reveal’ Party


    The Libs are busy owning themselves, thank you very much.

    This week more than 7,000 acres in California burned after a “gender reveal” party started a massive wildfire in San Bernardino County, California.

    What is a gender reveal party? If you must ask and must know, it is just the latest liberal fad of holding a party to declare the sex of someone’s baby.

    One imagines that in more extreme versions, the baby gets to pick.

    Gender reveal parties were popularized in 2008 by a blogger named Jenna Karvunidis who marked the big reveal of her baby’s gender by cutting a cake revealing pink frosting inside.

    “I just thought it would be really fun for everybody in the whole family to find out,” Karvunidis said.

    (It’s been twelve years since 2008, so maybe pink frosting is racist now. It’s honestly not worth keeping track because it’s all so full of absolute nonsense even liberals have given up at keeping track. The best thing to do is ignore all of the radical left’s ludicrous and Byzantine speech codes and proceed with language as a normal American.)

    Karvunidis has apparently soured on the parties since and lashed out on Facebook upon news of the wildfire.

    “Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you,” she wrote.


    Typically liberal-on-liberal violence doesn’t rise above a pillow fight, but those are fighting words. Best to let it play out on its own, make yourself an ice tea, and enjoy.

    The fact is that the gender party movement founder, Karvunidis herself, says that revealing a baby’s gender is now oppressive. The baby SHOULD decide after all.

    “Assigning focus on gender at birth leaves out so much of their potential and talents that have nothing to do with what’s between their legs,” wrote Karvunidis in 2019.

    Liberals say the darnedest things. Including this statement published in 2017 in the Journal of Gender Studies by Carly Gieseler which claims gender reveal parties produce cause irreparable harm: “It allows adults to recuperate what they have learned from their own gendered constructions, reinscribing expectations and assumptions onto the unwritten body of the unborn and propelling these ideals into the digital, social, public world.”

    Translation: you’re only reaffirming the oppression of gender labels and, dammit, what if the baby wants to be a pansexual furry or something?

    Gender reveal parties are ridiculous and oppressive for other reasons than what Karvunidis and Gieseler state. Ridiculous because supposed tree-hugging, kale-fed yoga instructors are setting forests on fire with pyrotechnics to mark whether their baby is the continuation of the oppressive male patriarchy or a woke radical feminist in the making and oppressive because San Bernardino and the surrounding the City of Los Angeles has in inhale smoke for a month.

    The fires might not be as bad were California’s state government practicing the fire mitigation measures recommended by President Trump such as cleaning the forest of brush and fallen timber which acts as natural tinder and greatly magnifies and accelerates the spread of wildfires.

    If you think the San Bernardino fire is bad, compare it to a 2017 gender reveal party in Arizona that burned 47,000 acres. The attendees had a choice of shooting one of two targets, one labeled boy and the other labeled girl. The winning target (it was a boy!) was packed with highly explosive Tannerite and exploded, immediately igniting the surrounding brush. The party would cost the patrons more than $8 million in restitution.

    Who said gender reveal parties can’t be deadly? In October 2019, one couple’s gender reveal party in Iowa went south when a confetti pipe bomb exploded and a piece of shrapnel hit and killed the newborn’s grandmother who was standing 45 feet away.


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