LA Makes Going Back to School Political


    Shouldn’t the most important thing we do for school-age children right now be getting them back into the classrooms? We need it for so many reasons – to ensure the kids get an education, to help the parents get back to work, and to offer a sense of normalcy.

    Donald Trump has been working to get kids back into the classroom. Even Jill Biden has said that it’s important for kids to get into the classroom as quickly as possible.

    Yet, Barbara Ferrer, the Los Angeles County Public Health Director, has said that schools will not open until after the election.

    Why the election? Surely, she can’t possibly know that it will be a safer time for the pandemic. It has already been identified that the coronavirus typically only causes mild or moderate symptoms. With the use of masks and social distancing in the classrooms, it can allow students to return to face-to-face instruction.

    On a clip acquired by a Los Angeles area reporter, Barbara Ferrer can be heard talking about the timeframe to reopen the schools. They “don’t realistically anticipate moving that we would be moving to either Tier 2 or to reopening K-12 schools at least through at least until after the election after you know, early November.”

    They want to be done with the elections before considering allowing kids into the classroom. It has absolutely nothing to do with the spread of COVID.

    KFI AM 640 played the clip while the afternoon drive-time hosts, John and Ken, listened in. They picked up on it immediately, wondering why kids going back to school should have anything to do with the election.

    This is when the hosts were able to start piecing it all together. By being able to send their kids to school, it would make people feel as though the nightmare is behind us. They can sigh a sigh of relief and may even feel some goodwill toward Trump. They may even (gasp) vote for Trump in November.

    The entire reason to take kids out of the school from the beginning was because of a hospital measure. They wanted to make sure they didn’t run out of hospital beds and ventilators. That fear never materialized, so there’s no real sense to keep kids out of school at this point.

    The radio hosts also pointed out that Ferrer could have used any date in the fall – November 1, Halloween – no. She chose elections because, for her, it’s a calculated political move.

    By keeping the kids out of school for a bit longer until the elections, the economy can continue to struggle. Parents can become more frustrated. California is ready to let its residents struggle a bit more financially and emotionally in an effort to get some more votes thrown at Biden.

    It’s disgusting that the Los Angeles County Public Health Director and even the school board would go along with this. Reopening schools should be based on the overall health within the county, the availability of hospital beds in the health facilities, and the schools’ ability to maintain distancing for the students. That’s it. Instead, they want to do whatever they can to get votes for Biden since they know that the man is struggling – even after they added Kamala Harris as his running mate.

    Ferrer, who may be a doctor but not of the medical variety, shouldn’t even be the one to make such a decision. This is political – it’s not based on any kind of medical merit whatsoever.

    As more liberals begin to show their cards and their manipulative moves, they’re losing votes. It’s why Trump is leading in more and more of the polls. Dems across the country are learning that they’re being manipulated by the leaders they thought were looking after them.

    Everyone agrees that the kids need to be in school – and to keep them out at this point is not only ignorant but entirely too political.


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