Pelosi Says Mother Earth Is Angry


    Nancy Pelosi is coming out in full worship of her mother earth god. She looks at the fires raging around her and believes like people of old times that their gods are angry with them because of some sin they have committed. Pelosi is promoting the same insane idea when it comes to her belief that global warming is the wildfires’ cause. Her liberal gods are mad at her because she has failed them somehow to stop global warming.

    She stated that “Mother Earth is angry. She’s telling us — whether she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is … that the climate crisis is real and has an impact.” If anything, her gods are mad at the liberals because all of the looming problems in the country are located in Democratic-run regions of the country.

    This is a wakeup call to all liberals from Nancy Pelosi. She wants everyone to get on their knees and beg for the earth’s forgiveness for her own failure in changing the course of the world. But sane people look at Pelosi and her thoughts and think that she has gone off the deep end into crazy land.

    People are not responsible for the way things are on earth. One volcano emits more CO2 than all the years combined of human existence on the planet. The world has a built-in mechanism to refresh itself. It absorbs and emits CO2 at will in order to keep a healthy balance.

    The only thing that Pelosi and her band of environmentalist nutjobs can do is make things worse. To revert back to a time of agriculture-based society is to take a step backward to a time when sickness could not be dealt with, and people died of common ailments that quickly treated today.

    For the liberals, they must obey their gods or suffer in the blazes of fire and brimstone. It’s a little too late for her if what she is propagating is true. Her words of terror were used in connection with burning homes and businesses. Or course one clip showed a sign that read “children at play.” That is her way of invoking an emotion for the kids.

    California and the other states with fires report these events year-round. Except for the past 10-years of Democratic rule, nothing has been done to enhance the way the fires are dealt with. The liberals could clear the land and set up better measures to keep the fire from moving into the cities. But they do nothing except blame it on the Republicans still living in the regions.

    Pelosi dragged children into her rhetoric again when she said, “Sixteen people have died in Washington, Oregon and California, including a firefighter and 1-year-old baby.” As tragic as their deaths are, Pelosi has no right to blame the fire on anyone or thing. It is part of living in the west.

    People living in hurricane zones know that there is a certain amount of risk. The only way to survive is to leave when the peril comes. People who live in fire danger zones know that there is a specific risk of living there. And it is not the global warmings fault if a fire breaks out. It is the natural cycle of events of nature for those regions.

    If there is one thing driving the Democrats, nutty is that they have to work with the president to get federal aid. Newsom stated that “I’d be lying to you to say that [Trump] hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has. And so, as a question, as a sort of an offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly.” The problem for Newsom is that he has to swallow his pride and admit he needs help. And a lot of it.

    Pelosi has admitted that climate lockdowns are going to become a reality if Democrats win in November. This means that they are going to destroy manufacturing jobs, destroy energy production, and sacrifice many other things at the altar of their gods. There is not one region ruled by Republicans that has the Democrats’ problems in their states.


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