CDC Finally Tells the Truth Regarding Malicious Masks


    California is burning to a crisp because of the carelessness of the Democrats that are ruining the state. Never before have there been so many wildfires in the state’s history. The Democrats have failed to keep up on clearing and removing dead underbrush to the point that a single spark is all that is needed to start a devastating fire.

    Liberals all across the state are baffled as to the cause of these horrible fires. These events have been a part of California’s life for longer than people have lived there. The hot winds come every year and dry things out to the point that a fire can start. That fire does what the Democrats fail to do, and that is to remove all the dry underbrush.

    The only time a fire becomes devastating is when it destroys a home or takes a life. But the liberals want people to think that every fire is terrible. But some fires are good for the land.

    Liberals everywhere are crying out that this is the worst year ever. Ironic that they said the same thing last year and the year before last. Each year it is the same old reason for the fires. They claim global warming is starting fires on purpose.

    But all of the flames and heat are only half of the issue. The air quality in many regions has become so bad that breathing the air is toxic. Many people in California and Oregon go outside and find a haze or reddened sky waiting for them because of the smoke.

    The severity of the fire is only the first part of the danger. Breathing in the air is what is going to kill many people. The Democrats running the CDC could not leave it alone.

    It is not enough that the pandemic has forced a smothering mask over everyone’s face. The CDC claims that this needs to be done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But they continue to say that masks are only useful in certain circumstances.

    On the CDC website, it was stated that smoke is too small to be stopped by cloth masks. And yet the smoke molecule is .4 to .7 microns in diameter. This means that anything smaller than .7 microns will go right on through the masks.

    The CDC has been pushing for months now that masks need to be used to stop the virus. But the size of the virus is .12 microns. The lies of the liberals continue to haunt them. There is not a cloth mask around that will protect from the virus or the smoke that is filling the lungs of many people.

    To save face, the liberals have started saying that the spit from a person’s neighboring mouth is the cause of infection. The spit droplets from a person are .5 microns in size. This means that they are even smaller than the smoke particles.

    So, these masks that are being pushed down everyone’s throat do not work. Fearful, ignorant people are pushing them because they have bought into the CDC’s lies.

    The CDC’s secret files have been opened, and the information is all over the internet world. The fact is that no one trusts what the CDC is saying right now because they are in league with the Democrats.

    Their vision of a one-world government is falling apart, and there is nothing they can do about it. There are too many conservatives in their way that are keeping them from launching their plan. And the most prominent person in their way is President Trump.

    Mask mandates are a clear violation of the most basic human rights. No person can legally force another to do something that they do not want to do. And that includes covering one’s face. America is not a Muslim country so their laws should not apply.

    The sad reality is that the liberals have found a way to get their ignorant base to react violently against people that do not wear the mask when required. The paranoid liberal will yell at and force the other person to do something they do not want to do, even if it violates the other person’s constitutional freedoms.


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