House Members Form Plan To Oust Nancy Pelosi


    House Republican Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who serves as the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus announced this week that he’s working on a plan to push out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi due to her ongoing anti-constituent actions while in office.

    Pelosi, who is the most influential woman in the United States and third in line for the presidency, has been in the headlines recently after she broke her own lockdown rules by asking a salon to open in order for her to get her hair blown out. The action was deemed a slap in the face by many, including the owner of the salon who has lost her income for months on end, due to the Pelosi-backed shutdown protocol.

    Biggs made his comments in a Monday Op-Ed where he questions whether his fellow representatives believe that it’s past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House?

    “I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor,” Biggs wrote in his op-ed according to Breitbart News.

    During his diatribe against the longtime California politician Biggs pointed out Pelosi’s “elitism” and other divisive actions she’s taken while in office, including (but not limited to) referring to Republican lawmakers that support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.”

    Pressuring lawmakers to propel articles of impeachment against Trump which were not based on any “high crime or misdemeanor.” Issuing “ridiculous mask edicts” in the House of Representatives as well as using the Democrat-majority to “expand her power to control members.”

    Biggs also cited Pelosi’s recent blowout blowup in his opinion article, calling her out for her insistence that the salon owner should apologize and even going so far as to call Pelosi guilty of a “narcissistic” view of the situation.

    The representative went on to say, “It is hubris to believe sincerely that you are always a special case, as Speaker Pelosi seems to believe. This elitist attitude has been on display by Pelosi’s fellow leftist political leaders, like Michigan.

    “Governor Whitmer, who sent her hubby to the lake with the family boat while locking out everyone else. It’s the mayor of Chicago getting her hair done while shutting everyone else down because she’s a public figure and has to maintain her persona.”

    Biggs didn’t stop there though, he went on to say that Pelosi’s actions, both during the recent pandemic and throughout her many decades in office have consistently shown the American people who she is looking out for:

    “Yes, the same hubris that is demonstrated in Pelosi’s attacks on a small business owner, with the apparent objective of crushing her, also permitted the corruption of our federal intelligence gathering apparatus to spy on a political opponent’s campaign, denies that Marxist agitators are rioting, looting, and murdering; and when polling shows that Americans know better, tries to change the narrative to blame Trump.”

    Biggs wrapped up his article by making the case that Pelosi is at best, making egregious errors in judgment and at worst making the strategic moves that should concern everyone in her party and constituency. He said those were the selfsame reasons Democrats should remove their House leader.

    “So, really, isn’t it time to bring the Motion to Vacate the Chair to the floor to remove Speaker Pelosi from her post?” Biggs asked.

    His question has yet to receive a satisfactory answer from House Republicans, however, he has raised the kind of questions that leave some Americans to wonder how someone as clearly self-serving as herself has been in office so long.


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