Child Tyrant and World’s Wokest Teenager Stars in Climate Propaganda Movie


    And you thought the Green New Deal was dumb.

    But let’s start on a kinder note….

    Children are special. Their innocence to the cruelty, sadness, and seemingly random acts on evil in the world can remind us of our humanity. Our children come into this world defenseless and needing us to provide for them and protect them well into the teenage years. Unlike baby deer which can immediately report to the coal mine upon breaching the amniotic sac.

    Children are also adorable. Or they can be. For instance, children who scream in church are not adorable. On the whole, however, most children are adorable with their gleeful smiles, twinkles in their eye, and their insouciant attitude about life (sure, why not eat sand? each a miniature Bear Grylls). To remember a time when happiness was so simple and a single balloon could provide a day’s worth of entertainment. That precious stage in life when they haven’t grown ugly yet.

    But how the bloom comes off the rose! God created perfection when he created children, but Satan got the last laugh when he created teenagers.

    There might be nothing more obnoxious than a teenager on a power trip. They don’t really know anything about the world yet. They may know a handful of things (say, some details from their zoology textbook that they can put over you), but net-net they know nothing. And yet they think they know so much.

    This is largely because of the advent of technology such as smart phones (which, really, aren’t very smart) and social media (which, really, is quite anti-social). The youngsters are early adopters of these technologies and run circles around their parents who still don’t know what the damn Twitter is (and why President Trump won’t stop Twittering!).

    This technological asymmetry of information gives teenagers an advantage in our digital world which all too often goes to their heads.

    Such is the case of child tyrant Greta Thunberg, aka the Most Miserable Teenager in the Entire World who saw a couple of memes about climate change and decided to start a world-wide campaign to save the polar bears or something.

    You might remember her from her scowling screed at the United Nations where she accused her parent’s generation of climate war crimes, shaking with the naive conviction that only a teenager could muster.

    “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean,” said Thunberg. “How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words!”

    Yes, indeed, you should be in school.

    The event was disturbing not because of what Thunberg said but that the global media applauded this clearly confused and twisted child who was being used as a disposable puppet by climate extremists.

    But they did Thunberg one better: they’ve now rewarded her with her very own megalomaniacal film titled I Am Greta, which is a new documentary now available on Hulu (if you like watching mentally disturbed children self-destruct as they’re manipulated by the media).

    “When it came to the climate crisis, I thought my parents were just like everyone else. We weren’t doing enough,” Thunberg says in her new climate propaganda film, in an act of intra-familial shots fired.

    The juvenile delinquent’s path toward super woke activism began when she went on strike from school to protest climate change and inspired similar school strikes around the world.

    Greta Wokeberg’s misguided views are perhaps all the more reason she should be in school; then again, that’s uncertain given the communist garbage they teach in today’s classrooms. It’s somewhat of a lose-lose proposition.

    “For many years, people refused to listen to me. Children were very mean. But I don’t care about being popular. I care about climate justice,” said Thunberg.

    Somewhere George Soros is smiling. The climate propaganda is clearly working if teenagers around the world are brainwashed into thinking the world is ending and therefore refuse to go to school because what’s the point – the world is going to end from climate change if something isn’t done immediately, according to the twisted logic.

    This is a real and serious issue: many children are deeply frightened about the apocalyptic rhetoric pushing climate change and are forfeiting their education and future so they can go hurl cinderblocks at farting cows and stage sit-ins at Shell stations playing Cat Stevens songs on ukuleles.

    “People always tell us that young people are going to save the world, but there’s simply not enough time to wait,” Thunberg urges us.

    Here’s to hoping Thunberg goes back to school and there isn’t a sequel.


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