Fires Started by Anti-Americans Near Portland


    Mayor Ted Wheeler has betrayed Portland’s people, by removing effective weapons from the use by the police against the rioters. He continues to resist the majority pressure from people that want him to stop the violence.

    He believes that these terrorists have the right to destroy and hurt at will. The leaders of Portland are only part of the problem in Portland. Now it seems that the rioters are taking more extraordinary measures to destroy as they start fires in an area ripe for wildfires.

    It is unthinkable that Antifa and Black Lives Matter people are destroying everything they can get their hands on. But now they are taking their attacks to a whole new level as they set fire to the countryside. These people are not going to stop on their own. It will take massive amounts of force to stop the terror that these people are dishing out.

    The police were able to find and arrest a man that it was claimed he started a brush fire using a Molotov cocktail. These weapons have been used by terrorists in the city to burn buildings to the ground. But now people like Domingo Lopez is taking them to the country and starting deadly fires with them.

    The 45-year old Lopez was identified by a Portland citizen that is sick and tired of having the city under siege. Lopez started the fire on the I-205 freeway. He started the fire and put hundreds of lives in danger. Lopez’s actions are the reasons why over 500,000 people are having to flee their homes or risk death as fires move closer to inhabited areas.

    The real heroes are the citizens, police, and firefighters that quickly went to work to keep people safe. The fire was put out quickly before it could come a killer, and Lopez was put into jail before he could admire his work results.

    Lopez is being charged with reckless burning and second-degree disorderly conduct. He should be investigated to see if he has any ties to Antifa or BLM terrorist groups. Lopez will stand trial for his actions to burn Portland and the state to the ground.

    Lopez, like Wheeler, has betrayed his country. He has turned his back on freedom and his right to live in peace. He can now live in a prison cell with truly violent people.

    Lopez is the enemy of America. There are fires that are killing people and destroying homes all along the west coast. Most of the fires have been started by lightning and careless means.

    But for people like Lopez to deliberately create one is just horrible. He has no regard for the men and women that had to put their lives on the line to put out the fire he tried to start.

    Lopez is likely to have other charges levied against him. Ten people have lost their lives, and others are listed as missing as the fires have moved through the region. Lopez’s actions are criminal, and he needs to be treated as a terrorist.

    President Trump has gone to the devastated regions and met with state leaders to provide hope and help as needed. He shows his support to people and the firefighters that are putting their lives in danger by standing between the fire and people.

    But for Democrats like Wheeler and Newsom to not fully support the police and other domestic servants do not make any sense at all. They are moving to defund the police, so people like Lopez and act criminally at will. It is just a matter of time before they try and cripple firefighters and others that serve the public.

    President Trump is the president of law and order. He has stated that he will not stand by and let terrorists destroy the country. He has offered help to those who need it and stands by to send in federal agents to stop the attacks on innocent people.

    Wheeler and Newsom need to wake up and admit that they have failed. It would be better for them to work with the president than to continue to arrogantly think they can solve the problems they face themselves.


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