Lancaster, PA Now Experiences Rioting, Too!


    There’s got to be an end to the violence. Cops have and always will defend themselves. When someone finds themselves on the wrong side of the law, the answer is not to charge the cops with a knife in their hand. Such behavior can lead to being shot – and that’s what happened over the weekend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    The entire incident was caught on the officer’s body cam. A black man charged the officer with a large kitchen knife in his hand. The officer shot the suspect from a distance of five to eight feet, killing him. It was a self-defense move that was necessary because the man charged the officer.

    All of this could have been handled very differently. When the officer showed up for the domestic disturbance call, the man could have come out without a weapon.

    The man was not shot because he was black – he was shot because he was charging an officer with a knife. This is what so many people fail to understand. Black Lives Matter wants to make this into something racial when it isn’t. It’s simply a matter of self-defense.

    Oh, and the man who was shot, Richardo Munoz, has a history of run-ins with the cops. He has also stabbed people in the past.

    The truth should be enough to put people at ease. After all, Munoz had stabbed multiple people. Officers told Munoz to drop the knife. Instead, he charged the officers which is when he was shot.

    But that’s not the story that the BLM activists want to tell. They are lying about Munoz as a way to further their cause.

    The BLM protesters are outside of the Lancaster Police station, talking about how he was wrongfully gunned down.

    It’s yet another city where there is rioting for no reason. BLM has to understand that they’re not making anything better. They’re making it harder for cops to do their job. They’re making it seem as though the criminals were innocent. It was all about race. These are false narratives – yet there’s rioting because the Democratic leaders refuse to stand up against BLM.

    So, we’re dealing with yet another city to add to the list where there’s going to be mindless rioting because of a criminal who refused to listen to the police was shot and killed. You cannot come at an officer with a knife after stabbing others. It’s simply not allowed. And had the officers not killed him, they could have been stabbed and killed. Munoz could have gone on to wound or kill others. But that would have been okay with BLM because a black man wouldn’t have been shot by the cops.

    As more rioters gather around the police department, it’s declared that it’s an unlawful assembly. And they’re about to get tear-gassed. Remember, they were all warned multiple times to break it up and go home. Rather than retreating, they throw bricks and fireworks.

    They create more crime and more destruction. They refuse to accept the law. They refuse to hold criminals accountable for their actions. They want to look at one little aspect of what happened – a black man was shot by a cop. They don’t care about why. They don’t care about allowing the cops to do their job.

    It’s going to mean that Lancaster officers are going to be harassed nonstop until leaders put a stop to it. But, sadly, the mayor of Lancaster is a Democrat. The likelihood of seeing things come to an end anytime soon is unlikely.

    What does that mean for Lancaster? More blood, more violence, more rioting. BLM doesn’t know how to have conversations. They only know how to call up protesters and bully their way into cities to make as big of a mess as possible. And if Lancaster is anything like Portland, they’ve got a long road of destruction in front of them.


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