Biden is in all Out Panic Mode as Defeat Looms in the Horizon


    The stress coming out of Joe Biden’s campaign camp is so heavy that people are concerned that Biden is going to quit before he even gets started. Every liberal Democrat working overtime for him to win in November is worried that he does not have what it takes to keep the president from destroying him at the ballot box. President Trump is just too much for the dementia stranded man to handle.

    Biden is having to change his tactics once again. Every piece of evidence that hints at a presidential winner are showing Trump winning with landslide results. Democrats around the country are fighting for their lives because they have believed their own lies that the country wants their progressive agenda.

    They have wasted their time and fought for nothing as the months have gone by. Their focus was trying to unseat the president instead of working with him. As a result of their failures, they now have nothing to show for all of their efforts. All they have is a track record of fighting with each other and scabbed over wounds from fighting with the president.

    There is no life left in the Biden campaign. Even his political campaign ads are dull and lifeless. He stutters his way through them and forgets that he even made them. Biden is the best that the Democrats have to offer the country. They are done as a political party. Nothing they can do at this point can make up for all the failures they have stacked up for themselves.

    All President Trump has to do to win is keep being the president that he has been. He cares for the country and is a man that will honor any promises that he has made. There is not one person in Biden’s camp or Democrat around the country that came say with all honesty that they have lived up to their campaign promises.

    One of Biden’s ways is working out a plan to contest the election once the president wins again. This means that he will turn his forgetful mind to the court system. This is the last-ditch effort by the Democrats to hijack an election. It is the way that they take when there is nothing left they can do.

    Every time the president has beaten them on an issue, they have turned to the courts. They throw their hat in the pool, hoping to draw a liberal judge that stick to party lines rather than do what is right constitutionally. This liberal way of winning over the majority has failed in the past four years because the president set out to rebalance the courts to make them fairer.

    Biden is working hard to hire lawyers to contest the election. It will be a defeating repeat for the Democratic Party of what took place in 2000. The Gore campaign lost and decided to contest the election in court. That did not end well for them, and it will not be a blessing for them this time either.

    Biden will never be able to win at the debates. His current state of thinking has diminished because of dementia. President Trump is too sharp and wise for anyone to beat. The panic within the liberal party and is real. From FOX, Chris Wallace has stated that “I don’t think [Biden] can hide from now until Election Day. I just don’t think it’s possible.”

    The Democrats have done their best to keep Biden from making a fool of himself. They have done that already for him. Nancy Pelosi has said, “I don’t think that there should be any debates.” She knows that Biden is in no condition to take on the president. And yet they continue to uphold the old man as their best hope for a liberal America.

    The Democrats have stopped their campaigning. They are hoping their lawyers will be able to find some kind of loophole to rig the election in favor of a sick and perverted man. Biden is not fit to be president. The Democrats know this, which makes one think of their real reason for pushing for Biden to be the next president.


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