Hey Democrats, Joe Biden Just Voted in Person, Why Can’t You?


    For years now, the political left has been pushing for more votes to be cast via mail-in ballots. And some states, such as the typically Democratic-led Oregon and Washington, have succeeded in making every election entirely done by mail.

    However, as you well know, this year has given the political left more of a push to make all states like this, what with the novel coronavirus pandemic still being a threat to the American population. The argument is that it will just be too dangerous for much of the population to crowd into local voting centers to cast their ballots. It would much safer if every registered voter could, instead, do so from the safety of their home.

    And in theory, it’s not a bad idea.

    As we know, mail-in and absentee voting has worked successfully for many years, with many partaking of its convenience every year, including our President Donald Trump, as he is often out of state.

    Of course, the left and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, in particular, have used this specific example to say that ‘well, if the president can do it, then the rest of America should be able to.’

    And they aren’t exactly wrong. Americans should have the choice to do so if they wish to, especially if they are part of the ‘at-risk’ demographics.

    Even President Trump has acknowledged this, saying that voting by mail or via absentee ballot, in general, is not a bad thing.

    The problem, he says, is when the number of people using this method suddenly increases by millions at a time. Simply put, neither the United States Postal Service (USPS) nor the state elections boards in most areas are equipped to handle that many ballots.

    There are a vast number of issues that have already reared their ugly heads in recent months, as state primaries have tried to adopt this method en masse, including mailing errors, counting errors, ballot harvesting, and of course, the added risk of voter fraud.

    But the left keeps saying these are “rare” circumstances or that they don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. At the end of every day, their cry is still that it’s too dangerous to America’s health to go in person. Period.

    However, I wonder if they actually believe this or if it’s just another ploy to get their way.

    The answer to my wonderings was found on Monday when Joe Biden himself traveled to the polls in person to vote in his state’s primary.

    As you know, Biden is getting up there in age, and most definitely is considered part of the ‘at risk’ age group. According to the CDC, eight out of ten COVID-19 deaths occur in those above 65 years old. In addition, thanks to his recent but rather vague physical evaluation, we know that he has a few pre-existing health conditions that would make getting coronavirus particularly nasty for the former vice president.

    And then, of course, we have to keep in mind that he is someone of great importance in our national politics, right? Therefore, shouldn’t he be kept from harm’s way at all costs?

    But apparently, he nor his trusty advisers or family members were all that worried about it. Biden proudly went to the polls, his wife in tow, and even posed for photo op or two, making sure to mention how President is still trying to suppress votes and voters alike.

    He pressed the media and its audience, “Vote, vote, vote. That’s my message.”

    But not like him. Biden, like the rest of the Democratic Party of late, seems to think that rules should be made for everyone else but not for them. You know, like how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been going on and on about wearing masking and keeping things closed but then goes to a hair salon for nothing more than a shampoo and style while neither wearing a mask or social distancing?

    If they wanted to prove that coronavirus is really as deadly as they claim, Biden and Pelosi should have both stayed behind locked doors. Their refusal to do so tells the rest of America and me what we’ve begun to understand for some time now: This is all a political scheme meant to give them more power.

    As President Trump tweeted about Biden’s recent leave from the basement, “If Biden can do it, any American can do it!”


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