Iran Supreme Leader Vows to Kill Trump to Help Elect Biden


    A representative of Iran regime’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has ventured a very audacious claim. According to this representative, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is planning to kill President Trump. Since he is responsible for the death of General Soleimani, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps will not rest until there is some form of retaliation.

    It does not matter if he is relieved of his duties as president come November. The bullseye is on his back now, whether he is in the White House or not. The threat first surfaced on the Iranian news and Hanif Janzayeri provided a translation. The statement is a rather chilling one.

    “As the killer of our martyred general Qassem Soleimani, Mr. Trump should be assured that for the rest of his dirty and shameful life, he will be a key target of Revolutionary Guards in their efforts to get revenge from the perpetrators of the martyrdom of our beloved general. It makes no difference if he remains president or not! He himself admitted that he is the murderer of the martyred general, and he knows that the IRGC will never give up in getting revenge for the blood of martyr Soleimani.”

    The Iranian press published this article last week. Trump is probably not about to lose any sleep over this but it’s still an important story, nonetheless. Even after he leaves office, the IRGC is promising that he will have to look over his shoulder. This is what happens when a president is willing to stand up to the bad guys.

    Trump has taken on a hands-on role in the Middle East and he knew that this position would cause him to become a target. He never could have expected to end up in the crosshairs of the IRGC, though. As we all know, even former presidents will still retain Secret Service protection in a number of instances. You never can be too careful.

    We wouldn’t be shocked if Trump was willing to forgo that protection once he leaves office, though. If there is anyone who can afford their own security detail, it would be him. He’s also going to want to continue to hold rallies where he preaches about the importance of law and order. There are plenty of police officers in this country who would happily perform bodyguard duties pro bono.

    While he is not going to allow himself to sweat over these threats, we find ourselves wondering how serious they really are. Can these Iranian firebrands actually get a clean shot at a current (or even former) president? We do not believe that they would ever be able to do so but that’s not something we’re going to etch in stone.

    After all, people change and situations change. At the current moment, this sort of attack is tough to envision. If Barack Obama is able to safely travel the world after the carnage that he has inflicted on this region of the world, why should Trump be the one looking over his shoulder? It’s a rhetorical question but that does not mean that there isn’t any truth to it.

    The mainstream media does not seem that interested in passing this information along. To be fair, there is a good chance that they are taking the threat with an enormous grain of salt as well. The American people have so much to worry about as is. Perhaps the media is doing their best to keep them from falling into a complete state of panic?

    That’s probably giving them more credit than they deserve but we digress. Trump is not the type to put on a fearful face for the public so he may have decided to downplay the story, too. We are anxious to see what comes next. Whether Trump is in office or not, the next few years are sure to be quite interesting for him. He’s made quite a few enemies.


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