School Director Calls Anti-Mask Protesters ‘So Dang Selfish’


    The issue of the mask will undoubtedly be the apex of the year 2020. So many liberals live in fear of catching the COVID-19 virus that they have barricaded their faces behind man-made objects. At first, the liberals wore them to protect themselves. Then, somewhere along the way, they decided to push for others to wear them as well. They would cry that they needed protection from other people.

    Fear is the great pandemic sweeping the nation right now. The liberals have pushed that by wearing a mask, a person is protecting people around them. But that point of information is false as masks only protect the wearer from particles in the air. They do nothing to stop the virus from exiting the mask.

    The highly volatile issue recently erupted in Utah as the governor Gary Herbert stated that all kids and schoolteachers are to wear the masks while sitting in the classroom. Many kids have a hard time wearing the deadly face coverings as they restrict airflow and cause tension headaches from the constant pulling on the ears.

    But those health issues did not scare Herbert from issuing his mask mandate. It seems that this is the one issue that the dismal liberals just refuse to let go of. In every television broadcast, liberals can be seen wearing the coverings. And at the same time, conservatives and intelligent people are seen not wearing them. And there has not been one case of COVID-19 from a non-mask wearing person.

    The threat of COVID-19 is all but coming to an end. It mirrors the slow death of the Democratic Party and their control in the House. Liberals control through fear and intimidation. There is no scientific study that has been done to prove that masks protect from COVID-19. In every study so far, it has been discovered that masks are worthless because the virus is so small.

    One of the protestors at the march against Herbert’s decision stated that “safety is not as important as our freedom and liberty.” He is saying that no one has the right to force another American to do something that they do not want to do. Forcing a person to wear a mask is the same as Obama forcing people to sign up for his unconstitutional healthcare program that penalized people for not having health insurance.

    Eric Moutsos is the one standing up for freedom. He also stated that “Forcing masks on our children is child abuse.” His strong words echo well with most parents who have to foot the bill for their kids to have these expensive face coverings. Mask wearing is leading to other issues of health. But the liberal media refuses to report on these stories.

    Liberals such as Steve Dunham, who serves as the Director of Communications of the Washington County School District, stated that the protesters are selfish. It is just like a liberal to resort to personal attacks when they are confronted with an issue that they cannot win. He says that masks protect the other person, which is a liberal lie. Masks only protect the person wearing it.

    Many other liberals have taken to social media to call the peaceful protestors names such as “entitled” and “proudly hostile.” Even though there has not been one report of any hostile action with this protest, they are the perfect example of how a demonstration should work. The liberals are just jealous that they cannot demonstrate peacefully. They are a party of violence, and the conservatives are all about peace.

    There are so many adverse effects from mask-wearing that the elected liberals refuse to address. They just love the ability to force people to do things that they hate to do. Liberal followers are also on the lookout for violators of mask ordinances. They have been known to violent attacks verbally and physically, any person not shoving a piece of cotton over their lips.

    So far, there has not been any justice served on behalf of the people that have been violated by such fearful and unnecessary mandates. But there are groups of peace that are taking these matters to court. And they are winning the day as the liberal mandates are starting to be struck down all over the country.


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